Mother’s Day?

Ok so. WOW. With all the moving I almost forgot it was Mother’s day. It doestn’ really feel like it at all to me! LOL. HEY, I got a house for it though, so I guess I should count that as a PRETTY awesome gift 😉 SHEESH moving is tiring. I don’t have much of an update though. We are getting settled in. The basement won’t be a play room for QUITE awhile haha. Right now its a SEA of boxes. Katie wants it Nemo theme, but I think the box fishies are taking over the space. I guess Nemo could live in boxes instead of anemone! LOL. I know it will get done though. The living and dining rooms are coming together nicely. Need to hang stuff but I think we will do that later.

It was quite odd sleeping here. I mean, it was the first time we had slept in a bed, in I dont know HOW long haha. Andrew ended up sleeping on the floor anyway! LOL! He couldn’t fall asleep in the bed, poor guy. Oh well, more room for me. Just teasing. I couldn’t sleep well either. It was almost TOO quiet 😉 I know, crazy to say huh!?

We woke up to the sound of birds! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I even dozed back off to them haha. It was like listening to the Nature CD that katie listens to sometimes at nap if it was loud at the apt.

I admit. I freaked some about certain things… but then I remember. WAIT. We OWN this place!!! we can fix it however we want! HAHA! YESSSS! 😀

I hope that you mom’s out there had a truly special day. I will update more as we get settled in. For now, its good to be home! It’s good to have a home and be putting down roots. It’s good to have a BED!! 😉

I will also say this. My red appliances look KICK BUTT awesome in the bright yellow kitchen! 😀


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