blue googly eyed monster

Apparantly, I am a monster. A blue eyed, googly eyed, medical issues monster. At least according to this “doctor” at the Urgent Care here close to our house. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this story before now! Since its been a few days and I can’t think of anything better to write, I will tell you this. It’s short story of sorts. Its TRUE too. I am still quite dumbfounded and baffled that there are human beings out here like this. Usually you only see these type of people on tv shows, or reality tv. Like Spencer Pratt or something. Then again, how real is reality tv? Yeah, probably not any more real then the googly eyed monster that I apparantly am.

It all started one rainy evening. People were, once again, driving like idiots. Yes, I was actually driving well! LOL. This one lady decided it would be a spectacular idea to turn left INTO traffic that was moving. Yes moving. She assumed “people would see her” or something to that effect! Well, clearly the MOVING stream of cars had the right of way, it was heavy traffic and no, I did not see her. I hit her. Cop came. Clearly her fault, even though she was trying to tell my husaband we should have “seen her” trying to be dumb and turn into traffic. SERIOUSLY!? She may could take on Spencer Pratt in a new reality tv show.

Well, I have suffered from back pain and neck pain since Katie was around 10 months. I did something when we were moving and was in severe pain. I coudn’t walk, talk, or even breath withouth feeling like I was being sawed in two. Well, it healed, but any sort of force trauma, like plowing into the side of an idiot who probably shouldn’t have been driving in the first place. Sorry, I know that sounds tacky, but she was probably at LEAST 80 years old. Now, there are some AWESOME 80 year old drivers out there who are well aware, lively, etc, she wasn’t one of them. LOL. I was told to watch my back/neck and at any sign of pain, see a doctor.

We were in the process of getting a family doctor up here, internal medicine, whatever that person is, who can do like everything, except for maybe plastic surgery, lol. Too bad for Heidi on The hills… anyhoo… I was a little tight that night. The next morning I could barely turn my neck. I was in pain all day and it wans’t going away. I called my hubs in tears. He came home and I went to the quack shack (urgent care) since we hadn’t yet had our first “meet and greet” appt with a famiyl care doctor. BIG. FAT. QUACKING. Mistake. . .

I had been to this location before and had a very kind, family oriented, sweet man. Well apparantly he moved on to green pastures. He probably got a REAL job. He was too much of a real doctor for that place. OR, maybe he was with another patient, haha, but I like my idea better.

Instead, I got a rude, tacky, tactless, full of snippiness, full on quack attack mean lady with an accent, and one who apparantly has spent her whole life getting up on the wrong side of the bed, or coffin…. lol. The FIRST thing she said to me when I came in was in a harsh “you are the dumbest person I know alive and I don’t know why I have to deal with idiot like you” tone, of “why didn’t you go to the er?” looking at me like I was indeed stupid. I said, umm because the accident was yesterday, I do not consider this an emergency, I cleary have a straied muscle and was just hoping to get some medication to help with the swelling so that I can take care of my children without extreme pain, because advil and aleve aren’t working. Why would I go to the ER? I am not bleeding, I can still walk. I was trying my best not to yell back at her or get up and walk out. I almost did she was so rude. She just kept asking that over and over and over too. “OK fine but why didn’t you go to the er” WHATEVER lady, just please help me feel better. I had no clue that this place wouldn’t have the right xray machine. Why would I know that? And why would I even know they would WANT To do an xray? When I hurt my back a few years back I had no xray. Anyway…moving on, it gets worse…. LOL

Finally, she said they would see me anyway, and do an xray to make sure I didnt’ have any bone damage, but if I have nerve damange I am just SOL basically because they dont have the proper machine to do that. Fine. whatever. but I still didnt’ get why I was talked to likea 5 year old who had an accident on the school playground. “Bobby, why didnt’ you use the potty BEFORE we went outside? now look what you did. You are a person,not a cat, this isn’t a litter box.” and the poor child walks away ashamed with his pants soiled and no spare pair…

Then, I was sitting in the room waiting, AGAIN, the doctor had already gotten “mad” at me about not going to the er so she huffed out of the room and said she will see what she can do…. anyway, she comes back…

So miss ruder than Santa with no cookies doctor comes back in, she sets the papers down, looks at me a second, then conversation proceeds as follows:
Quack Shack Doc: “Do your eyes ALWAYS look like that?”
me: “always look like what? what do you mean?”
QS Doc: “Like they are bulging. Your eyes look like they are bulging. Do they always do that?”
me: “Ummm I guess so, I just have big eyes, I dont think they are bulging”
QS Doc: “They look like they are bulging. Do you have a thyroid problem?”
me: “umm no, not that I am aware of”
QS Doc: “hmm are you sure?”
me: “yes, wouldn’t have other symptoms”
QS doc: “whatever, fine, you say you don’t have a thyroid problem, then you don’t have a thyroid problem”

UHHHH…..I was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe how rude, tacky and just a plain jerk she was. I seriously almost walked out, but my neck was in too much pain to do so and I had already endured over an hour of this junk, I wasn’t gonna walk away empty handed. Then, off to the xray, which took 5328528491 times to get because the nurse kept talking and messing up. She would say oh oops sorry, I didn’t get, stay still in this awful position with your arm contorted behind your back for another half hour. OH! and get pumped full of life threatening radiation! You don’t mind do you? Sorry if it’s hurting your already injured neck more, I am sure it’s fine. Let me have another go. Ok? great… with her too sweet you wanna vomit voice. I was thinking to myself I was gonna end up leaving with neck pain AND a pain in my butt from all this ridiculousness!or perhaps they would end up with in the butt when I left, from my foot. LOL. And she kept trying to convince me that the doctor was actually nice. UHHH yeah well that ain’t gonna happen. She already blew it with me.

The doctor never said another word to me. She asked me “does that hurt” when she did something, then handed me a rx…

That was seriously the WORST doctor experience I have ever had. I am not too good at standing up for myself somtimes, especially when things like that happen that I am in complete amazement at how awful it is. I probably should have taken a greater stand, but I just wanted to get out of there. I think I would have rather been in the care of Dr. House M.D.than her. I think she may take him to the cleaners when it came to a rudeness contest, and I am NOT even kidding… and at least House is a real doctor, well on tv anyway haha.

hmmmm in this picture, House’s eyes look like they are bulding. Maybe he has a thyroid problem? HA! OH, and just in case anyone was wondering…No,I dont have a thyroid issue. My blood work came back fine. LOL. I should go roll those results up and stick them up the you know what of that doctor! haha!!!

Lesson learned. Don’t go to the quack shack. Don’t trust the quack shack. Just go to the er, they have better xray machines. LOL


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