Check your brain with your placenta

Ok. I SWEAR that each time you give birth, THEN push out the placenta that a certain percentage of brain cells are somehow pushed out with the placenta, and other parts of the birthing process. Seeing the current state of my brain, I am slightly concerned what my brain function will be if we have another child. SCARY. THOUGHT. Here are some things that I often find myself doing. I know that “old age” may be creeping in, but I guarantee you, those with kids can vouch, if you also have kids, you do these thing 1898198 times more than the average “old age” excuse for lack of brain funtion. LOL. “THEY” didnt coin the phrase “mommy brain” for nothing. I have even recently seen the term “momnesia” – now, I happen to think mothers become smarter at certain thing, and those things really are the most important (emotional, care, love, teaching, etc) plus the silly things we do and forget are wonderful ways to get cranky children to laugh. . .OR a cranky mommy. Nothing makes you laugh like walking into the screen door. Twice. LOL. Yes, I have done this…. probably more than twice. haha.

I also find myself walking into a room, then forgetting what I came there for, or walking into one room and suddenly realized I never finished the task in the previous room. I think I sometimes must look like a chicken with their head cut off… on speed…. or high doeses of caffiene. I dart around from place to place and room to room, because I cannot for the LIFE of me even remember what I was doing! LOL. I guess it’s a good way to stay in shape? I should buy a pedometer, or whatever that thing is called that counts your steps, and see how much I really walk around. It must be alot, because some blood work showed my HDL to be fantastic, as well as some other blood levels that prove I “exercice” – funny thing is other than taking walks with the girls, pushing then around in the stroller, running around like a kid myself, chasing them etc… I really dont! Though I guess that counts? HA! My doctor told me these tests show I have a good amount of exercise, and I am starting to think its from how much I walk around forgetting things. LOL. When we move I will “exercise” even more because we will have stairs! LOL.

I also start speaking and forget what I was going to say half way through, or just sit there and say, Honey can you get them ummm ummm umm the thing? lol. Poor Andrew. As if men don’t have to read women’s minds enough, now they get to play wheel of fortune with your phrases. HA.

Earlier today I used the word adultery instead of idolatry in a discussion group. YEEEEAH. That was awkward. HAHA! again. mommy brain. I knew what I meant, but I coudn’t get my toungue to say what my brain knew it knew. Does that make sense? LOL

I am much more clumsy than I was before. I was a cheerleader, dancer and in drama, so this is ESPECIALLY hard for me to come to terms with. Though, I admit, I have always walked a bit crooked. I constantly have bruises. I have NO clue where they came from most the time. And no,I dont have a medical problem causing me to bruise so easy. I have asked. I have been looked over lol. I am diagnosed with clumsiness. Plain and simple. I walk into the screen door, embarassing to admit, but hey, if it can make you laugh, so be it. I have bent over to pick up one thing only to bang my head on the counter, cabinets, etc. I have randomly tripped over absolute nothingness, though sometimes I think it must be God sitcking his foot out just to get a few laughs 😉 HAHA. I am super clumsy, and I contribute it to lack of brain cells.

I have also gone to the store for ONE thing mainly and leave the store with many other things EXCEPT the one item I came for. AND when its an item like diapers or toilet paper, that can pose a pretty significant problem. LOL. I guess thats what paper towels, dish towels and duct tape are for?

I am also THE worst mother at remembering to brush the girls teeth, or give them their vitamins!  AND sometimes I realize its been like 2-3 days since they had a bath. WOW. I cant believe I just admitted that…. LOL. I promise I am not neglectful! I do remember to feed and cloth them 😉 And I also have NO problem remembering to love them and play with them 🙂

BUT…. at the end of the day….


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