animal friends

Ok, so since I am trying to blog at least every few days, sometimes my blogs will be REALLY random. LOL. Today, is one those days. I was watching Kate plus 8 specials on Netflix. I know, I know, but her kids are cute. I am not entirely sure what happened to Kate, but that could be a blog all on it’s own, and it may not sound very kind, so I will just stop here.

Anyway, she was taking her kids to all these differant places. NYC, Alaska, Austrailia, New Zealand. Some of the animals were so cute! some, not so much, but were still awesome. I already mentioned in one blog I want to cage dive with great whites. Yes. Call me crazy, but sharks fascinate me, and not the little itty bitty ones at the aquarium, although they are AWESOME, but I wanna see some that could eat me! HAHA. Like JAWS size. OR! that giant prehistoric shark, Megladon. When I die, I am so asking God about seeing it. They found a tooth from it, among other things, and ONE tooth was as big as my ENTIRE head! It would swallow me like sorbet. I wouldn’t even be big enough to be considered an appetizer for that shark! EEK! CRAAAAAZY!

I am not to keen on going to Austrailia. I wathced this show once and they have like a biajillion thing that can kill you in a matter of minutes!!!! UHHH no thank you. Not to mention HOW many deadly spiders they have. I am a weird one. I love the spider and reptile house. I have a wierd fascination for creepy crawly things, AS LONG as I KNOW they are there. Spiders and snakes can sneak up on you. I do NOT like being surprised by something that can kill me in 2 minutes time, probably less for me because I am so gosh darn small. LOL. BUT…

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see and cuddle a koala 🙂 They are SO cute. BUT thats what a zoo is for… maybe the DC zoo has them, and I can hold one. No need to put myself in risk of being eaten alive by giant snakes, or bitten to death by something as small as my pinkie nail. I used to watch this koala cartoon on NickJr when I was little. Had 2 Koalas, one named Pinkie, one named Blinkie! Anyone remember that show!?

I would also love to feed and pet kangaroo’s 🙂 While there are lots of cute and cuddly animals in Austrailia, I am not sure its worth it, seeing as there are many other deadly animals there. LOL.

I also would love to see and pet a Tiger 🙂 I have a picture holding a leapord! Yes! IT WAS AWESOME. They had it drugged up to kingdom come and chained down when we went to a zoo type thing in Thailand. SO. COOL. Of course, then I couldn’t figure out why I was sneezing so bad, why my eyes were itchy, red, and swollen, or why those nasty bubbles were forming on the whites of my eyeballs. My loving husband said. UMMM Emily, you ARE allergic to cats. HAHA! Seeing this BIG leapord and how big they are in comparison to a household domestic cat, I forgot that yes, this was also a cat. Just a REALLY big one. LOL. STill worth it!

Kate fed a crocodile on one episode. I am NOT sure I would do that. LOL. I am somewhat brave when it comes to animals, but I dont know about that. Of course, I guess a tiger could eat me alive just as easily as a croc. And before you say anything… with great whites you are IN a cage, not staring face to face with something that has the power to crush a cement block likes its a jolly rancher. Just sayin’…..



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