God’s Tattoo

It’s not a secret what having babies does to a stomach. Stretch marks (ok so thankfully I dont have any of these… at least not yet). Saggy skin. Loose Skin. Stretched out skin. No matter HOW small you are, you can have this after a baby. That is  unless you are anorexic or some super model who gets paid to look good, so therefore they have enough money to hire a trainer to make her stomach look good, a plastic surgeon to cut away the extra skin, and a nanny who will watch the kid while the lady is going through this tummy reconstruction.  Those magazines also like to fool you. I love how the so called “moms” in those parenting mags articles show themselves sighing in the mirror at their post baby bod, when their ummm “post baby” bod still looks better than my pre baby bod ever did. What a crock! LOL if you want my opinion!

Now, look, I know, my stomach is probably not as bad as some. I mean poor Kate Gosslin after birthing SIX kids. AT.ONCE. WOW. I would have totally wanted tummy tuck after that also. I mean I can “learn to love” my post mom bod, but there comes a point that I dont think my self esteem could handle always having to wear a girdle daily just to look halfway sucked in and keep the flappy floppy skin from hitting my toes. I mean, if little old me, after only 2 babies, wouldn’t mind a tummy tuck, then I dont blame Kate. AT. ALL. One may think that a small person has a better luck of the draw. I may still be “small” but my stomach isn’t pretty haha. My daughter told my friend “mommy can make her tummy talk!” talk about embarassing. Yes. I can. I can squish it together, make it look like booty cheeks and make it “talk.” I have that flab too. trust me. In fact, being shorter makes it MORE so. I show sooner than a taller person. I have less room for the baby to grow before it starts making my belly portrude, poking every person within a 5 feet radius. LOL. My belly gets HUUUUUGE people. I am talking at 20 weeks people ask me if I am “due anyday.” I say, actually no I am only half way, which makes them ask, are you having twins? in which I say, NO, just one baby, to which they say, are you sure? You may be surprised, sometimes one twin can hide. I say, no I am sure, we have heard the heartbeat many times, to which they reply, well you better prepare just in case, I mean, cause you are really big. DO you have stretch marks? Does it hurt? I MEAN REALLY PEOPLE!? One even told me, after I had experienced some spotting and was already worried, when I told her I was 20 weeks, she said “I dont think your gonna make it” I started BAWLING. LOL.and we were in an elevator. My hubs wasn’t too happy about that comment. SHEESH. So, yes, I get really huge, which leads to overstretching my already small frame, which leads to extra sags in places I never knew I had. LOL.

BUT… I will say, you really can grow to love your post mom bod. It is a mark of something nothing short of a miracle. It is a soft spot for an over weary child to rest their head, snuggle upand cuddle, and fall asleep. The same child that once found comfort inside that tummy, is now finding comfort outside this world ON that same tummy. Kinda makes me teary thinking about it. I have learned to be OK with my extra soft pillow I now have down there.  We are not on a first name basis yet, but we are getting there 😉 I am learning to appreciate it more and more each day, and understand how incredible the whole process really is. Can you imagine if our stomachs were SUPER hard?? that would Huuuuurt to get stretched so thin. God knew what He was doing when he provided women with built in cushion.

I just saw a quote, I cant put it on here, cause it has a foul word, lol, but it said “Your body is NOT ruined. You are a tiger and you have EARED your stripes” It is referring to stretch marks. It is SO true. Our bodies went through something remarkable. Cherish it the way it is NOW. Soon, our children will be grown, and gone, then married and having kids of their own. Think of them as God’s special tattoo. People get tattoos everyday for many reasons. They are permanant too, yet people think they are beatiful… Well these tattoos are even more beautiful than the most intricate tattoo. They represent LIFE. LOVE. LAUGHTER. They stand for a gift and a blessing worth FAR more than “ink” – My children, and any future children are worth every sag of extra skin, every stretch mark, every fold over the pant when I sit down wrinkles… and trust me, there are some of those 😉

I may “HATE” the saggy skin, stretched out skin, or what not, and I won’t lie, some days, I get down on myself about it…but then I remember I LOVE what they represent, I love what I got out of it 😉 At the end of the day, it’s all worth it. My children think I am beautiful, just the way I am. They don’t care about extra squish, fluff, skin, stretch marks, no stretch marks. They dont care I can that I can make my stomach look like a butt. If anything, it makes the laugh, and laughter, in return, quiets my anxieities, quiets my self esteem issues. Laughter is good medicine… ESPECIALLY for mental issues haha 😉

I am not saying it is wrong to want to BETTER your body, but first, lets learn to appreciate our body the way it is right now. Some things are worth working on, some things we only want to work on because society tells us to. Society tells us what is beautiful. Society tells us that stretch marks, and saggy skin and all that goes with birthing babies is ugly. Every parenting mag talks about how to get your pre mom bod back. While there is nothing wrong with it and nothing wrong with wanting to tighten and tone….society is wrong. It isn’t ugly. It is beautiful, and it represents the most beautiful, miraculous and amazing processes. MOTHERHOOD is beautiful… and SO are you. Stretch marks and all. GOD says you are beautiful and HE is the one that matters. This body is temporary. We are but grass that will wither away. TREASURE your beautiful, amazing, and miraculous body. NOW. Whether you have 1 kid, 5 kids or 10 kids, or NO kids. LOVE your body. LOVE your skin. LOVE who you are in Christ. ❤



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