Hang Loose

No. I am not a surfer, nor do I mean this referring to letting “it” all hang out, and I am sure you know what “it” is. BUT the hang looes term kinda means to CHILL. RELAX. at least according to Wikipedia….

“In California, the Shaka sign is referred to as the “chill” or “hang ten” sign. It enjoys widespread use throughout the state and serves as an important cultural symbol.”

The next line after that refers to drinking. HA. I don’t mean it that way either.

I need to, no, I MUST “hang loose,” or chill more often. I am WAAAAY to tightly wound sometimes. My friends who have known me any length of time, shoot, even those who may have only known me 5 min, will PROBABLY get the fact I like to worry with a capital W. I know its wrong. I know what the Bible says about it. Truth is whether you are a believer or not, worry is bad. Its downright dumb, doesnt’ solve anything, doesn’t change anything, and it can shave a few years here and there off your life. Althought this clip art is gender “wrong” as I am positive I am female. At lesat last I checked, but who knows what can happen with these crazy hormone induced chickens and cows. have you SEEN the size of the chicken breasts you buy!? NOT. NORMAL. lol…

ANYWAY! I did something tonight. And for the majority of the population and probably for most of you reading this, you will read this, laugh or giggle, or think to yourself. UMM you did what? so what? big deal. big whoop. That’s great, want a cookie? Actually, in fact, yes, I would LOVE a cookie. I would really enjoy a white chocolate macadamia nut or mini m&m cookies, or perhaps both if you are feeling particularly generous. . . BUT for those of you who REALLY know me, will know deep down this is a BIG deal for me. It’s a baby step in overcoming some of my worry wartedness, or my OCD control freakishness. What did I do you ask? What is so deserving of not 1, but 2 cookies? perhaps even with ICE CREAM!?

I let my oldest daughter, well both really, stay up alot past their bedtime so we could have a movie night. Yes. I said it. Sounds dorky now that I have typed it out. BUT, this is the FIRST time I have done something like this. Holly went to bed only 30 min late, as she is only 16 months and got too tired and cranky. Katie stayed up over an hour past her bedtime so we could snuggle, have a oreo cookies and creme cupcake (that I made from scratch might I add and they were DARN good, if i do say so myself 😉 ) and have our first ever TRUE “family fun night.” We had dinner together at this 50’s type burger joint, then came home and got in our pj’s and started a movie. It wsa about a dog. that talks. like 95% of other kid movies that don’t involve animation, but it was fun, and the girls liked it.

So did mommy… but for more reasons than just the cute talking dog, and other animals, such as a llama, camel, and baby tiger, OH and some kangaroos! haha they don’t seem to go together, do they? This is what we watched for anyone of you wondering. EHH not so great reviews, but both girls loved it, and it was on instant streaming. WIN. WIN. WOOHOO more cookies?

I realized that by letting the tight grip on my reigns loosen a little, we can have fun, and things STILL be OK. To clarify, I am not a stick up my butt mom. YES they are well behaved. YES. I discipline. BUT… I also HAVE fun. I ACT like a kid. I love being silly and goofy with my children. See prevous blog to know this, with my unibombmer getting a suntan picture LOL! I write silly songs for them, dance around, fly them like airplanes… etc… but for SOME reason, I had this fear when it came to sleep. I always thought, NO THEY HAVE TO GO TO BED AT THE SAME TIME. I am not so sure WHY I thought this. I guess I had this fear they would never sleep again! or they would then want to be awake all night. dumb. I know. But you know what? ONE night of totally whacked out messed up sleep is worth it… for this…

and this…

I created a memory that will last longer than a night of messed up sleep, IF that even happens! I created a memory for my husband, for my oldest daughter, and even though my youngest won’t remember, having those extra moments with her and some of the silly stuff she did is something I will remember. Always. When I am old and gray, and probably bald, seeing as I don’t have much hair to begin with… I won’t sit around remembering all the messed up nights of sleep, or cranky days after those messed up nights. No. I will remember the giggles, the smiles, the love, and the fun we shared. The memories we made.

“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” Proverbs 12:25

If I had worried about bedtime and sleep and amount of sleep like I usually do, I would have missed out on ALL the cheerful words and laughter my children gave me, which blessed my heart in a way I cannot explain!

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Luke 12:25

My what iffing and need to control bedtime, etc. needs to stop. It isn’t adding anything to my life. In fact, I am missing out. I would have missed out on alot last night. I know it may not seem like alot, but this was a BIG step for me. It helped me realize life is TOO short to worry about if my kids get exactly the “recommended” amount of sleep every night, every nap, etc. I will remember last night. forever. Well maybe not forever, as when I am old, I may become senile and forgetful… BUT I can hope I can remember this for a LONG LONG LONG time… Our first “family movie night” – This will be a tradition that I KNOW 100% we will be doing again. Probably very soon.

If you have never done one, maybe for the same reason… I challenge you. Let go. Do it. Hang loose! 😀

Update: I wrote this last night. Had it scheduled to post. I worried for nothing all this time. Girls are still asleep at 8:50 😉 their sleep didn’t get messed up at all, and they’re sleeping in. Silly me! I need to hang loose more 😛


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