Like mother Like daughter

If I EVER had a questions as if I brought the right child home from the hospital, I just need to go over the list of how my children are like me 😉 some good ways SOME NOOOOOT so good ways LOL. It is always fun, I think at least, to see how your children are like you, or like your husband. It is neat, and awesome, to see that your children is ONE human being with parts from each you and your spouse. SO COOL! God is amazing! 🙂 SO… just to be fun, I wanted to right a list of how my girlies are like me.

1.  Sadly, they are both a WEE bit anal about cleaning things, or order, or OCD…. I know, I know, you are probably thinking, oh yay cleaners! While it is nice they love to clean, the fact that my 16 month old sees a TINY MINUTE speck of dirt, or fuzz, or crumbs on the ground, that even I cannot see, picks it up, brings it to me, puts it in my hand and says “TRASH” is a little worrisome for me haha. Sometimes she bypasses the giving it to me, and goes and puts it in the trash can herself…. She is only 16 months, so I DO have to make sure she isnt’ actually throwing something away NOT trash… like when she threw away random toys, or just as i was writing this blog, threw away her toy wallet from her purse set, that I didnt’ know, and I went to throw something away and thought to myself THERE IT IS! haha.

2) BOTH my children LOVE mexican food. Salsa. Guacamole. Sour Cream. Katie ESPECIALLY loves sour cream. I think she’d eat it like yogurt if i let her. NO, I KNOW she’d eat it like yogurt!! HA! They don’t even mind spicy! Both girls will practically eat salsa from a spoon! HAHA! YUM. I am making myself hungry…. Enchilada anyone? tacos? quesidilla? Burrito? All of the above? I say YES! 😉 and I apologize, while I LOVE mexican food, in fact, it is probably my FAVORITE food. EVER. I may not spell all words appropriately or correctly. HECK! I don’t even spell other words right sometimes 🙂 Or say them… but thats another post LOL

3) Both of my girls LOVE shoes. Poor poor daddy. Both my girls love purses. POOR “poor” daddy, as in, poor daddy will end up poor with all three laides in the house having a shoe and handbag fetish. It’s a good thing I HATE, i mean HATE paying full price and I HATE those expensive designer brands. Sorry. I just think it’s a waste of money, and they aren’t my style. now, if someone GAVE me a coach bag, I would not complain 😉 I just can’t bring myself to spend that on one, but its ok you like them! I am wierd, I have even gotten money to get a super special purse, and I STILL buy on sale, haha 🙂 PLUS, I kinda like a little bit more funky than some of those brands. Katie is funky like me, i think Holly is more girly girl 🙂

4) Apparantly Katie has my booty… and NO, I will not be posting a picture of that. LOL

5) Both my girls also have my long torso and super short legs. Though, Holly still is managing to be in the  75th percent for height. SOOOO I am not sure where that came from, seeing as i am barely over 5 feet, but husband around 5’7″. I am SHORT. I am not even 5th percent for grown female adults! HA. Whats funny though, is in all my dance classes, when we would sit down to stretch,  I would be as tall, or even taller than the other girls… theeeeen came the darn old  need to stand up and I shrank down like a grape dehydrated from the heat. SAD. SAD. TIMES. BUUUUT short is sweet, so its ok. I even made up a song for Katie, seeing as she looks to be heading the same direction as dear ol mum… she is barely on the chart. poor thing, her “little” sister is almost her size already haha. Here is my awesome cheer:

Short and sweet, can’t be beat
I am little, cute and petite
Short in height, big in heart
God made me special right from the start

Ok, so maybe it isn’t book poem worthy, but Katie likes it haha. She also likes the shirt we got for her, on sale, at Children’s Place. It says “I’m not short. I’m fun size!” HAHA!

5) Ok, a serious way I love how my girls are like me, is they are sensitive. sometimes, it can be frustrating, as Katie is a highly sensitive child. She is easily overwhelemed, easily anxious (well so am I, another way she is like me ha) but she also has one of the biggest hearts of any little girl I know. She prays for people to know Jesus. She worries when people get hurt and prays for them. She likes to help. She loves being a little mommy to Holly. Holly is also sweet. Always  handing out kisses when she can tell someone is sad or doesn’t feel good. In all fairness, my husband is a very sweet man too 🙂

6) I said it up there. I struggle with anxiety. So does Katie. SIGH… I only just hope and pray I can help over overcome it better than I have myself.

7) Somehow! they BOTH got my blue eyes! Even though Andrew has brown eyes! 🙂

8) They both enjoy cracking people up. In fact, I think they are funnier than me! HA. Katie says the CRAZIEST funnies things! It cracks us up. She is very smart too, so its so funny to hear this little thing saying such big words, or phrases, or understand big concepts. HA! I think she got her easy intelligence from her daddy 😉 Holly, well, she is a total HAM!!! she dances in the funniest ways, says the funniest things, does the funniest looks. CRACKS. ME. UP! and her giggle!? AHH I cant stand it! 🙂

9) Katie LOVES science. I graduated with a degree in Meteorology. And no, I don’t study meteors, or asteroids, or anything else that flies around in space wtih the potential to hit earth. I study weather. I wanted to chase tornado’s actually 😉 I STILL want to see one one day, chasing of course, not where one just hits and I dont know it. I wanted to chase tornados and work with others to better understand them to increase warning times. ANYWAY, this blog is not about me. Katie watched a tornado show and was entranced. YUP. MOMMY’S girl. She knows the word meterologist, and has said she wants to be that. LOL. Though she changes her mind daily. ANOTHER way she is like me! HA! One time, she woke up from loud thunder scared. I tried to tell her it was ok, not to be scared, and use some of those CHEESY things your parents told you… its God bowling! God is clapping! The clouds are clapping, etc… She was NOT buying that. She said she was still scared. I tried a differant approach. I told her the scientific reason. like in detail. HA. She goes OOOOHH!! i am not scared anymore. Night mommy. I love you. Laid down and went back to sleep. LOL!

8) Katie has a true heart for Jesus. I fully believe she made a decision to follow him to the best of her hearts ability. She told us on her own, her heart was dirty, and she needed Jesus to clean it from all the bad and wrong she has done. She said that is why Jesus had to die on the cross and her dirty heart put him there. She said she wanted Jesus to forgive her and live in her heart. She told me she wants to try and glorify god (yes she used that word) and do things right and let Jesus lead her.

I could go on and on. I love my girls. I think the miracle of life is SO amazing! The love of 2 people can create this other little person, people, that have traits and qualities like you, your spouse, even other family members sometimes, since we carry some of those genes in us 🙂 its REALLY amazing to see. I should have another blog on how they are like daddy… cause there are alot of those too 😀 I am so blessed! Love my girls!

I will leave you with these two funny photos of Katie and I 😉 we apparantly both enjoy imitating the unibomber getting a suntan…. no judging please. it was chilly. but we needed some sun. last I checked, that is not a crime… unless in fashion HA!




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