Chickens and Earrings

And No. I don’t mean earrings ON chickens. Do chickens really even HAVE ears? I mean, I know they can HEAR, obviously, but I dont think they have things that hang low, wobble too and fro, so on and so forth… though their feathers, perhaps you could knot or bow? Anyway!

Today, we got my oldest daughters ears pierced!!! OH.MY.GOSH! She was so brave! I could NOT believe it. She has been asking about getting her ears pierced for about a month. DAILY. Sometimes multiple times day. Mommy, can we get my ears piered? Mommy! should I get pink earrings or purple earrings? Mommy! maybe blue earrings! Should I get stars or flowers? Anyhoo… this child has the memory of an elephant, if not better. Perhaps a whole herd of elephants combined! Wait, do elephants come in herds? packs? gaggles? Hmm I am pretty sure its a herd. Feel free to correct me though. Because she has such a great memory, I am not worried she will forget it. PLUS! her NANA, my mom, is in town! She wanted to get them done so nana could see too 😀 So, since my mom is in Texas, she doesn’t get to come alot. We decided to go for it. I am so glad we did. She is BEAMING! She is so excited and keeps saying how much she loves them! She asked if she could sleep in them. I said YES! actually you HAVE to, and kinda explained. She was so excited she can SLEEP  in them LOL.

I remember when I got my ears pierced. I cried. A LOT. I cried on the way there. I cried walking to the “piercing pagoda” (I think some malls still have that haha). I cried getting into the chair, I cried when she dotted my ears. CRIED. CRIED.and CRIED some more. Then all of a sudden the lady said “sweetie you are all done” I stopped crying, though I had still have leftover blubbers and hiccup crying from crying for the last 83204120 hours…. I said REALLY!? haha I didn’t even feel it. My worry and anxiety got to me, even at a young age. BAD. LOL. I what iffed at 8! SHEESH. LOL.

Katie did much better than me. Maybe them getting it done younger is better. She didnt’ have time to question if it would hurt. Plus I had kinda told her it would feel like she was getting a shot. THen she said, you mean a vaccine? haha. Yes, Katie your vaccines.LOL. SO she told me that wasn’t so bad haha. She blabbered the whole way to the mall. She was so darn excited! We got there and she RAN into claires. Started looking around at earrings and handed me these dangle black dice. HAHA. I was like UMM Katie, I dont think you can wear those yet. THey were like 3 inches long haha! The ones she picked looked like these, only I dont think the little red strawberry was on them. LOL! Those things woulda been touching Katie’s belly button. Then again, why not!? She could get her belly button pierced too then connect them. HAHA AWESOME! umm I am so totally kidding 😀 LOL.

So, she gets in the chair, in my lap, the lady dots her ears, and cleans them. Katie was STILL calm as a cucumber!! She did one ear. NO CRYING. She had a pouty face, but stayed brave. We were all mucho impressed. She did the other ear. She cried, literally, a FEW SECONDS. THAT WAS IT! Then the lady showed her what she looked like and she was ecstatic!!! HAHA, she turned off those tears faster than an energy saving lightbulb! I was so proud of her! She got to choose a lollipop (free, from the earring lady, kinda like they do at a doctors office, which I always feel is ironic…doctors giving away candy. Anyway… LOL) always a good way to wash away tears as well. Nothing says happiness better than refined sugar and corn syrup on a stick! YUM!

She got to pick a little prize from mommy and daddy for being so brave too 🙂 She got a Hello Kitty necklace. Man,I forget about CLaires! SO CUTE! THey had some awesome hair clips too. Little flowers and butterflies on MINI alligator clips! Katie got fine hair, but a lot, kinda like me, so regular bows do NOT stay in. PLus her hair is short. So I got some of these on sale, SWEET! They stay in her hair YAY! 🙂

The chickens come in as we went to eat lunch together as family, daddy took the morning off, at the “cow place” – or better known chick-fil-a 😉 hehe. So! we had a good time. I still just can’t get over how awesome she did. She is SUCH a sensitive kid. Easily frustrated, easily anxious, easily overwhelmed. She cries in parking lots, casue she is scared of cars. She is NOT good with transitions. Kinda like dear old mom. UGH and yes, I am getting old. I will be 31 (ahem I mean 21 lol) next week! GASP! 🙂 So, I honestly was expecting her to get more upset, kinda like when I got my ears pierced. Just goesto show ya, young kids are much more resiliant than we give them credit for. I was so proud of her. She was so proud of herself. I definitely think it boosted her confidence in herself 🙂 She is beaming! lol. It is precious. My sweetie is precious. BOTH my sweeties! Just hopefully the younger sweetie won’t try and rip older sweeties new bling bling outta her lobes! HAHA


Here’s pics of my brave, pretty girl!


My sweet girl was beautiful before and she is still beautiful now. What you wear, or what jewelry you have isn’t what makes you beautiful. BUT, I think this was something fun and special we did together today. Mommy/daughter memories are ones you carry with you forever. I am so blessed that MY mom also got to be a part of this sweet memory that I hope Katie will always treasure 🙂


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