The paper work is signed.  We are one step closer to home ownership! We are officially….

Words cannot express how excited I am! Or maybe they can! how about boom shaka lacka lacka?? Or supercalafragilisticexpialdocious!? Or I feel like a kindergarterner spelling her name for the first time excited! Or the parent of a child who pooped on the potty for the first time! YES. THAT EXCITED! 🙂 Actually, no, MORE so! Now, I just ask that you pray all the inspection, and all that entails before the offical closing go ok. No surprises. Pray that in 2 months time we will find ourselves in our cute little townhouse 🙂 Thank you guys for praying.

You can also pray that somehow we can hire movers. We are on the top floor of an apt, with ONE service elevator that gets tied up. ALL. THE. TIME… unless you are a company that can  “lock” it. AAAAAND the thought of packing all alone scared the living daylights out of me. Holly the beautiful tornado would rip those boxes apart, take everything out, throw it around, or throw it away faster than you can say one of those yo momma jokes! 😉

I am so excited, and humbled, for our family. THANK you Lord. I am so blessed and I am SO excited for this next step in our lives. I have 2 precious, adorable, sweet, beautiful, awesome smart… I could go on, but then I would probably lose your attention and I would also probably begin to look a LITTLE biased (which I admit, I am) OR look VERY arrogant… anyway – for all that was about my great girlies!!! 🙂 I also have a terrific, caring, awesome, amazing (same rules apply for my husband as do my girls when it comes descriptive adjectives. I could go on alllllll night hehe) husband!

YAY! keep praying all runs smoothly.. and hopefully in 2 months, we can OFFICIALLY say… We are homeowners! 🙂


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