There’s no place like home?

I have a prayer. Many of you know the frustrations we have had with the current apt we are in. It has become more clear that the apartment management doesn’t give 2 hoots about their residents. I am so not ok with cigarette smoke coming in. what do they say? Oh, we cant help it. I am so not ok with the dog next door that barks constantly. What do they say? Oh file a noise complaint, and we will do something about it. Umm we have filed 3. I could go on and on and on about things that are either 1) not fixed right or 2) just never even fixed or 3) fixed in such a way it becomes more dangerous than when it was unfixed! AAAAAND Andrew just found a law in Maryland saying it is illegal for them to be doing what they are. HMMM. fun stuff.  SOOO andrew will most def be putting up a bigger fight, as today when he went to talk with her, she blew it off. YET. AGAIN. Just as everyone else feels who has talked with them.

Well, we are also in a 2 BR apt, the girls are SOOO not ready to share a room, lol, so andrew and I are sleeping on the living room floor. While that doesn’t bother me, I admit, it is hard not having a space for us. Sometimes when I am upset, I need a place alone, and its hard to not have your own place, especially if the other rooms are occupied by sleeping girls 🙂 Also, having somewhat of a yard for our poor dog to pee and poop in would be nice. I mean she does, but it is hard to have to drag 2 girls to take a dog potty ALL the way down stairs, around the bldg, and out back on the hill, AND then still pick up the poop… so andrew usually takes her out before work and when he gets home (BLESS HIM!) Though we have joked about getting this: and hey! we even have a chihuahua 🙂 she is long hair though….

So yard, PLUS! And it’s a space to get out, talk to neighbors and be able to play outside if we cant leave the house (ie if hubs has the car, or we are sick etc). WE are on the top floor and I have this fear that my little sweeties will fall off :/ So we dont go out there alot.

SOOOOOOOOOO….. we have been praying and was not really looking for a place. We had been praying over areas and felt the Lord leading us to. WELL it just so came about, Andrew just happened to see this townhouse for sale in that area! It is an area beind the park we can already currently walk to 🙂 so we can still have 1 car! We can still walk to our favorite places. Its IN that neighborhood we felt called to. WE prayed and really felt it was time, esp since rent will be going up, interest rate are low, we are first home buyers in maryland and get some perks… AND it will save us money month to month. AND the place is ADORABLE! 🙂

We put in an offer. The sellers want to sleep on it. PLEASE be keeping this in your prayers. We don’t even feel we have a safe peaceful environment here anymore. So prayers would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 Thank you all!


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