Sappy Crappy


Ok. I said it. Me. a WOMAN. A MARRIED woman at that! GASP!!!!!!!!!! Yes. I think Valentine’s is LAME. STUPID. SILLY. Whatever adjective you would like to use here thats is a synonym to any of the words I used, feel free to insert here…

I found the PERFECT quote of what Valentine’s is! YAY Google. I ❤ you! haha 
I mean come on! This quote perfectly explains what this holiday is. YES. I know. There was a st Valentine? right? I am not too up on my Saint knowledge :/ sorry. EITHER way. I think the whole point of LOVE and even what St. Valentine was trying to portray was to love ALWAYS. Go all out in love EVERY day. NOT just one day of the year. What good is it if the person you care about feels neglected and unloved the other 364 days of the year if they feel treasured, ,buried alive with a bajillion roses and sappy made up “romantic” words one day of the year? OH WELL HEAVENS TO BETSY it just makes up for all the rest of the crappiness! UHH NO.

Now look. Before you think I a love hater, heart hater, valentine’s hater, etc and want to beat me up, tie me up with in a red heart shaped noose and cover me with honey and hot pink feathers, or make me swim in a pool of long stemmed (thorned) red roses…I want you to know I happen to LOVE pink 😉 though I am NOT a fan or roses (ok, I know, I know, shoot me now) BUHAHA. Oh I also HATE, i mean HATE, those valentines day heart candies wit the letters on them. To me they taste like glorified mint tums. UGH I am shuddering now thinking about it. YUCK! No really. I have no problem with doing cutesy things on Valentines. I happen to be the QUEEN of sappy crap 😉 Now that I have kids, I absolutely love doing silly handmade things for the hubs or “daddy.”  In fact, we have been tight on money, so the girls and I made pics for my husband for his bday and for xmas, that he adores 🙂 SO back off. I love sappy crap! My husband does too. He is always saying chessy little things… such as this. It isnt’ his text, but I could totally see him texting this, though, i admit, I would probably roll my eyes in somewhat half disguist half admiration. WOMEN. We are NUTS! HAHA

So, before you go all kung foo panda on my butt, I don’t HATE love or HATE sap or HATE romance. I happen to LOVE all those things… ok except sometimes I am not too up for the sap, especially if my day was crap. HAHAHA I am such a good poet 😛 ha. Really, I admit, sometimes the hubs tries to be cheesy and I just am NOT in the MOOD. Come on ladies, you know what I am talkin’ about! Am I right or am I right!??

My point on valentines is that you should treat others with sappy crappy romantic cheesy kind of love EVERY day 😉 Not just ONE day of the year. If you are single, that doesn’t mean you are excused from loving others. Jesus never married and he loved all those around him. Sure, not in the romantic way that a husband loves his wife…  but lets be honest. He loved us in a much DEEPER unconditional way that MOST of us cannot even fathom.

 “For God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 

Jesus didn’t say he would only love us ONE day of the year. He didn’t decide that he could get away with treating others like crap some days of the year as long as he made up for it one day. NO. He loves us uncondionally. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If we are supposed to be like Jesus and love like Jesus, that means striving to love like Jesus. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Not just one day. It isnt’ enough to do it  half way the other days of the year if we go all out on Valentines day. That isn’t what Jesus asked for.

Like I said, I have NO issues with Valentines in and of itself, but I think we make too big a deal about this ONE day and not a big enough deal about the rest of the year. Husbands LOVE your wives. Wives RESPECT your husbands. This is a DAILY thing. It requires daily LOVE. daily SACRIFICE. Andrew and I love doing little things for each other, and sure, we have done little things here and there for Valentines, but I won’t get upset if we dont do anything either (now my birthday!? Thats a diff story entirely! HAHA). It just isn’t that important to me. WHY? Because I know I am love regardless. Its the RANDOM days of little extras and little surprises and little “sappy crappies” lol that mean MORE to me. It’s like men are EXPECTED to make V day a HUGE deal and if they don’t? Well they just must not REALLY love you. GIVE me a break! LOL. So anyway! make EVERY day valentines.

Strive to love BIG and love BOLD every day of the year.

Ok men, you can go ahead and thank me for this blog post now 😉 I will be signing autographs later haha. Just kidding. just PLEASE no thank you gifts of the worded valentines hearts… I will throw them back in your face so hard you will feel like the neighborhood cat that kept getting into our flower beds so my dad shot him with a BB gun… yeah not too loving, oh well. The cat asked for it… 😉


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