Mom’s Poop too…

and pee. and puke. Yes. Puke. And when I say poop… I really mean diarrhea. This has been SOME week. Let me tell you… I would have written sooner, but between Katie puking, Holly puking, then mommy puking, colds, car wrecks (yes, another one… sigh) its been a wee bit hectic…

As Maria would say but “Let’s start at the very beginning!”

Monday was actually pretty good! I got to see a friend and her sweet baby girl and Katie finally got to come with me for a play date with one of her friends she hadn’t seen in awhile. You see, my sweet friend had a VERY rough pregnancy. VERY severe hyperemisis (spelling??) anyway… so while I was able to visit her a few times in her pregnancy, she didnt’ have energy for a play date. I cant even imagine 😦 she is such a strong person. WOW. So it was really great seeing her and Katie was SUPER excited to get to see her friend again too!

Tuesday, we went to Trader Joe’s to get some groceries. It is walking distance and Andrew had needed the car we have left. Yes, left. When I was preggers wtih Holly someone hit our family, our JUST paid off Mazda 5… sniff sniff.. I think I am still in mourning. I really LOVED that car. It was practical like a mini van, but for some reason didnt’ feel so mini van momish 😛 haha. Anyways… since andrew’s work is just a block down, he walks most times, and we coordinated who needs the car. So we went there in the morn, came home, had lunch, nap, then ran other errands after nap. Sheesh, fun 2 days, but the girls and I were pretty beat.

Wednesday, we had a play date at my BFF’s 😉 It was fun. Had lunch there, watched the girls almost make us lose our minds there. Watched the babies almost kill themselves trying to climb onto unobtainable furniture pieces. We laughed together, cried together, almost killed our kids together. HA ok so maybe not the last 2, but it was just ONE. OF. THOSE. DAYS. Poor kids, I think they are just getting cabin fever from winter time and not being able to run off their energy outside as much. BUT! we still had fun and our kids are STILL the bomb, even if they drive us nuts at times 😛 right Kate? haha

Well… Wed on the way home from my friends it began snowing. HARD. It continued to snow. HARD. So, I called andrew at work and told him we would come pick him up from work so he didn’t have to walk in the freezing half snow half rain half sleetish freezing stuff. hmm three halfs don’t really work do they… anyway…. we picked him up and I was gonna put a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner. I realized i was out of ranch. And I am sorry, but me and pizza and NO ranch do NOT mix… so we ran by Safeway. BIG. FAT. SNOWY. MISTAKE! I shoulda just dealt with my stupid pizza without ranch. SIGH. On the way home this old lady decided it would be wise to turn LEFT into TRAFFIC. Yes. thats right. turn right in front of traffic travelling STRAIGHT. SOOOO I didnt’ see her coming. It was dark, snowy, etc. I was trying to go slow, but she came in front of me and I slammed on my breaks, but still smacked into her. Our front end hit her side. Our car is ok, thank goodness, all except the license plate that came off. Hers? ehh not so much…

Well, I have mentioned, I think, that I had a back/neck inury before we moved to the Baltimore area. We got in that wreck when I was pregnant with my second, and it RE hurt it, which did NOT make the rest of preg fun… again, though, it was not our fault, but that car was totalled. Well. EVERYTIME it starts healing, something happens again. So we got in a wreck and the next morning I could NOT move. It was dreadful. I was in pretty severe pain. Went to the doc. Apparantly when I did that the lady whose fault it was insuance automatically filed a pain and suffering clause and it looks like we will be getting something. So, thats a blessing from it, BUT, sheesh! Still frustrating i am in pain again. ugh… but thank the Lord the girls, us, and the car, are ok.

So all that doctor appt, stuff, happened Thursday. Another close friend had come earlier in the day too! thank goodness her little girl seems ok. EEK. I had girls night that night, much needed I may add, and had a GREAT time. Well around 1:30 am, Holly woke up and had puked over her  ENTIRE. BED. like seriously. all over. She had been rolling around in it too before she woke up crying for me. Yes. GROSS. even in her hair. EWW. I just threw away the sheet AND matress pad out. Yes matress pad. It was so bad it soaked through. Poor baby. Well, she went back to sleep fine. about 20 min later, katie woke up crying her stomach hurt. She was curling up and crying in pain. Brought her out with us, got a bucket, just in case, and a few min later, yup. she puked. She wanted to go back to bed eventually, she did, slept till 6;30, then woke up and was sick again. Then she just slept with us. poor thing. she had it pretty bad. Holly must have gotten in out of her system in that one huge barf, cause she has been fine since… my fingers are crossed. Why do they call it a stomach BUG anyway? It is WAY more than a bug if you have ever had it. And there is no exterminator alive that can kill this kind of bug. UGH. It must destroy everything in your innards before deciding its had enough. Thats more than a bug. A bug on steriods maybe. Or more like a stomach bug swarm?

ME? ummm I thought I was going to die today. I am FINALLY feeling a LITTLE better. I was either puking or having diarrhea all day. I coudnt’ keep ANYTHING down, not even fluids. I couldn’t take my back pain meds cause it made me puke, so not only was I sick, but in awful pain as well. Then, on top of that I got a migraine from all of it. FUN. STUFF.

So, I am sorry I hadn’t written in a week, and I am sorry this blog isn’t that funny, but hey, sometimes mom life isnt’ always funny. Sometimes it’s just… pukey. LOL


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