Somewhat crazy and alot irrational

Ok folks. As if you didn’t think I was crazy enough ūüėÄ here are some things that I am a LITTLE bit crazy paranoid freak out about and… ok A LOT bit, overly much, may just pee myself, kind of irrational behavior over… Let the FUN begin. I guess I don’t feel as if I get laughed at ENOUGH or tortured ENOUGH… so I am writing this blog, just so people can laugh at me even more than they probably already do ūüėČ People already call me crazy, now, they may very well call me a mental case, head case, pshycho… or any other stronger word than¬†crazy! HA

1) CLOWNS! Ok, so I think I have touched a BIT on this before. I DON’T LIKE CLOWNS. AT. ALL. I actually think this is a pretty common fear. I mean after all it has its OWN name: Coulrophobia. It was started after 1980. I was born in 1981. SEE? they KNEW i would hate clowns SO much they were prepared before my birth! HA! Just kidding. I am nto sure what years IT and the killer demon possesed little clown from Poltrageist came out, but I BET that “fear of clowns” orignated after those! I do NOT care how cute and sweet or cuddly and well painted a clown is. I dont want them to look at me, touch me, come NEAR me. I may very well throw up my lunch all over his perfectly painted face, which would cause the paint to smear and probably make him look even MORE scary. My poor sisters room was clowns as a baby and OMG I hated going in there. They were clowns EVERY. WHERE. little porcelein ones that I kept freaking would come to life and come kill me in my sleep. She even had this clown head lamp that shot stars or somethign out of its head onto the ceiling. NOT. CUTE. it was creepy! So. I RAELLY don’t like clowns. Like more than really. I cry like a little school boy in the play yard who just got kicked where the sun don’t shine kinda cry…. yup. THATS how much I hate them. See this killer clown picture? This is what my brain contorts and shifts ALL clowns too. No matter WHAT a clown looks like, this is how my brain views them. It turns all clowns into ones that appears as if they want to eat my face off. This is your brain on clowns? THIS is Emily’s brain on clowns. DEADLY. LOL. MOVING ON before I freak myself out and start looking over my shoulder all day… LOL

2) log trucks: Ok, guys. I admit. This may be a TAD bit weird. I am TOTALLY. 100% freaked out by¬†these trucks. I KNOW where this fear came from too…. FINAL DESTINATION. DANG you movies. I have¬†another¬†SMALL fear stemming from one of those too,¬†which is WHY I¬†have NOT watch the more recent ones (the tanning bed scene in the second one, where they get trapped, and DEATH turns up the “rays” or whatever it is that tans you,¬†and burn to death. LOL, but I just hate tanning beds more cause I am claustrophobic, not such a wierd fear, so tanning bed didn’t make my crazy fear list lol) The preview for one with a¬†person getting lasik eye surgery was enough to make me just put up with wearing glasses¬† or contacts my¬†whole life and¬†that was ONLY the preview! EEK! Anyway… I saw final destination one too many times where the log truck spun out of control and all the logs FLEW off the truck crushing everyone, going through a windshield and spearing the person, well¬†more likely completely obliterating¬†rather probably, and one pinning a guy in his car and¬†he burned alive (another fear of mine¬†AHHH!!!) NOT. COOL. SO whenever I see a log truck on the highway, I¬†always try and either stay REALLY REALLY REALLY far¬†behind, or speed up and get ahead of it.¬†Obviously ahead of it is better, that way,¬†when the truck falls apart the logs will most likely go BEHIND me and I will be safe, unless of course it rolls over something AS its breaking causing the logs to fly into the air…. see why I hate them!? EEK! Something else that goes alone side of this, is I also dont¬†like driving next to semi trucks.¬†FREAKS ME THE CRAP OUT

3) shaving: ok no, I personally am not scared to shave and I have no problem with my husband using an electric razor. I¬†cannot watch¬†people shave though. AT. ALL. with a razor.¬†So like in movies, if some¬†guy is shaving, I just can’t watch. I know its a bit odd, but I just cant do it. It makes me¬†freak out and have restless leg syndrome. It gives¬†me the willies,¬†heebie jeebies, whatever phrase you wanna say, thats what watching people shave does to me. One of the Cake Boss epis we watched, Buddy went to get a REAL shave, you know with those knife razor things, straight razor, thats it. OH. MY. GOSH. I¬†seriously almost THREW up. I was crawling in my skin worse than if someone had¬†poured a bucket full of ants down my pants. Seriously.¬†It REALLY,¬†I mean REALLY, creeps me out to watch someone shave with a razor. No, I haven’t watched a bunch of crazy SAW type movies (HATE THOSE, they would scar me for life, i know it, wont watch them, cant stand torture) for some reason I am just freaked out by it.¬†I guess I am paranoid they will cut themself and die of blood loss or something. I dont know, but it scares me. And it isn’t even that I am scared of blood,¬†or stuff like that. I can get my blood drawn fine, get shots fine. Its JUST shaving. DON’T like watching it. I also¬†get a little creeped out in movies when people are using those HUGE knives to chop food and¬†are doing it REALLY fast,¬†I want to scream. DONT CHOP TOO FAST YOU MAY CHOP OFF YOUR FINGER!

HAHA ok so there are a FEW of my crazies I decided to let out of the bag. Those who really know me, probably already knew my crazy bag was overfull anyway, so letting this out just gives me braething room… its kinda like unbuttoning your pants after eating Uncle Bob’s Christmas dinner or something. Just. FEELS. GOOD. haha

do YOU¬† have any irrational crazies?? ūüėÄ heeheehee


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