hair today gone tomorrow

Those of you who know me, know one thing. I am pretty self concious about my hair. I feel like its fine and and well, just doesn’t grow long. The one time I tried it got so nasty and scraggily that even when I “did” my hair it still looked like I had been in a fight with a weed wacker. Ok, so maybe thats a slight exaggeration…

Either way, my hair don’t do long. BUT… I have come to terms with that. In fact, I like my hair (for the most part) now. I still wish I  had MORE hair, lol, but I like my haircut 🙂 I got bangs now! I love it. AND, since being told about Nioxin, my hair  has actually LOOKED better too. Hasn’t broken off as much and gotten thicker because of that 🙂  See, because my hair is fine, it breaks easily. I have been told recently I actually have PLENTLY of hair, its just fine, therefore, breaks off and is more suseptible to damage. Nioxin has been great… and NO it is NOT the same thing as Rogaine. It doestn’ make my hair GROW, just makes what I have more healthy, and KEEPS it thicker looking, because it makes it stronger 🙂

ANYWAY! I am SOOOOOOOOO lucky and excited and blessed that my 14 month old daughter clearly received the hair gene from dear old dad. My husband could friggin’ cut his hair daily! UGH I hate him! LOL. It grows SO fast, is super thick, and I happen to think GORGEOUS 🙂 teehee. Well, Holly got HIS thick hair with my curls. ITS GORGEOUS. Katie, my oldest’s, hair is taking its sweet time growing in… sigh….. but it at least appears to be thicker than mine. WOOHOO! I knew it was a good idea to marry Andrew. I promise, I didnt’ marry him for his thick head of hair, although that is an awesome bonus 😉

One thing I think is completely unfair. MEN can go bald and still be friggin’ attractive (ok there are a SELECT few woman that look pretty with a shaved head, but I aint one of them)! In fact, many SHAVE their head and its “cool” or “sexy” or something. If they start going bald, ehh, no biggie, they can just go bald on purpose before anyone notices and people will think they are awesome. LOL. NOT. FAIR. If I went all Brittany Spears, I would look like one of those hairless cats, only worse, all pathetic and shaking from loss of heat through my head. I have considered, if my hair starts thinning really bad, to shave my head and buy differant Lady Gaga type wigs 😉 awesome right? HAHA. I could even buy color coordinating ones to go with my awesome… uhh sweat pant outfits? LOL

Anyway! hopefully I wont go bald for awhile. I pray I at least make it through my kids school years. I was bullied enough in school, I dont want my kids being teased for having the bald  headed mom who looks like a 12 year old boy. I dont want to be THAT mom. EEK. Of course, if Holly keeps going at the rate she does, I will be bald, or completely grey, by this time next year. EEK she is a daredevil. BUT, shes a dare devil with awesome and beautiful hair 😉 SO, for now, I will live vicariously through my children. Poor Holly, who already has long hair, shes gonna be tired so of ponytails and bows and hair clips by the time she gets to school, she may purposely shave her head just to get me to back off haha. Katie has pretty hair too, but for now, its still short  BUT its getting there,AND is SUPER soft and silky 🙂 AND I happen to think my 2 girls are the most beautiful in the world regardless of their hair, BUT I admit, its fun to be able to do fun things with their hair hehe 🙂 They faired better than dear ol mom though, who apparantly was handed the short end of the hair gene stick. LOL.  Oh well NO bows for me, so I’ll just keep torturting my girls 😉 TEEHEEHEE


2 thoughts on “hair today gone tomorrow

  1. You are all such pretty, sweet girls over there. It makes me sad that you were bullied Emily. God gave you such a great sense of humour. I think these blog posts are great fun!

    1. Thank you SO much Carrie! I appreciate your encouragement and kind words. AND thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say 😉 I know sometimes it’s a little crazy haha 🙂

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