I have been burdened lately. I watched some of this sermon serious about how God will REALLY lay something on someones heart and mind when he wants them to act. I am burdened today for those who feel neglected, unloved, and tossed out like yesterday’s trash… by the church. It happens. It just bothers me that some churches/people in church can treat people so poorly and mean, not to mention unloving, unchristian, and ungodly! God has recently laid on my heart that His church needs a face lift. I think most people would probably agree.

I am also burdened for those who have gone through abuse, especially sexual abuse. I have been there. It is terrible and my heart ACHES for those in that same situation, or who have it secretly hidden away in their past. I pray and hope for them to find freedom!

SO! now, just to pray about HOW to go about this. Where do I start? prayer, thats where. After that? I have NO idea. I am only one person. One little short tiny person at that! HA. I desperately want people to come to the saving grace of Jesus. I HURT for those who have been turned or pushed farther away by others actions. It makes me so sad 😦 Sorry this is so spastic…. just been thinking alot. And before you burn me alive. I KNOW this quote is by Ghandi, heaven forbid, but its TRUE. If I am burdened by something, I should pray about HOW to change it. As pastor Craig Groeschel said in his message about Nehemiah… “Somebody has got  to do something. It might as well be me” RIGHT!? so true! Thats kinda what this quote to my right is saying.

What burdens you? I mean what REALLY burdens you. What makes you hurt, ache etc. What are you passionate about? God has big plans for all His children! God has things He burdens his people with for a reason. God can use little people for BIG things 🙂 Thats is comforting to me. To God, everyone is “little” haha  but I really AM little! LOL So that news is awesome

With God all things are possible! the Bible says so 🙂 So, even though I am only ONE person. One LITTLE person, I have faith and trust God can and WILL use me. He will guide me day by day and step by step on what I need to do next 🙂 Its like a pebble in the water. It may be ONE small pebble, but it causes a ripple in the water. I PRAY God can use me that way! For now. Let the praying begin!!!!!!!! 🙂




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