Annoying habits

Annoying habits. Everyone has them. Maybe you pick your nose and eat your boogers, then comment on which tasted saltier. Maybe you bite your nails (as I do sometimes lol) when you are nervous, shredding them faster Woody Woodpecker does with wood on a tree. Perhaps you belch loud enough it shakes the room enough to measure on the Richter Scale. Maybe you enjoy farting in public and blaming it on the poor shopper strolling down the isle next to you, or, even worse, blame it on your own kids…or the dog! HAHA ok that ones kinda funny 😉 Whatever “they” may be, everyone has them. Some may be more annoying than others. Some grosser than others. Some both gross AND annoying (and many, rightfully so). We all have annoying habits. I have a few myself. Some I have promised I will work on, though its hard, and some I probably just dont care enough to change, even though I probably should.

I often pick my wedgies in public. LOL. I try really hard to do it discreetly, but sometimes, it just doesnt’ happen. Sometimes my underwear, between contorting  my body into unhuman like positions trying to get the kids out of the car seat and into the stroller or shopping cart, walking briskly across the parking lot, into the store, my underwear seriously get into a wad. That saying had to have come from somewhere right? And I am sorry, maybe you like the feelign of panties in your crack, but I don’t. I don’t like thongs for that reason. They are just NOT comfortable! Therefore, I try, as secretly as I can… to get the underwear outta my rear. Yup. So, I pick my wedgies in public. oh well. I’m sure some of you have too! Celebrities do it! just google it LOL – in fact I am pretty sure my pic is a celebrity ha!

I have this constant urge to clean or pick up or rearrange. I will admit… while I am TRYING to be a little better at letting this go, I still am SOOOOO antsy lol. Just ask my poor husband. We “sit down” to watch a movie and I can’t seem to actually SIT for the duration of an entire movie. Somehow I manage to in a theatre, but I guess thats differant lol. This leads me to my next annoying habit, that my husband gets the brunt of… and maybe my friend who is my “the vampire diaries” show buddy. You know who you are! SORRY!!!!!!!! 🙂 haha

My next annoying habit is having to ask what happened, whose that, etc… in a movie, tv show, online sermon, etc… because I have a hard time sitting still, I end up missing things I wouldn’t have if I could just calm the crap down and SIT STILL! Maybe I have restless leg syndrome?? no, pretty sure its just plain old fashioned OCD. HA. This is why I need to give a shout out to my husband and my TVD buddy and friend, and to anyone else I’ve had to ask questions to about stuff I shouldn’t have to ask questions about, becuase of my annoying habit of not being able to sit still, therefore I don’t pay attention and miss important details… wow that was a mouthful.


I have another annoying habit that I know for a fact, like as in 110%, annoys my poor husband to death. Again, I think it stems from my inability to SIT STILL. Apparantly I rearrange things alot? Hey. We are poor. I think rearranging the room and stuff in the room is the poor man’s “extreme makeover” Am I right or am I right? 😉 Plus its calming and theraputic, also costing MUCH less than an actual therapist! HA! And who doesn’t like a good rearranging every once in awhile? Though, when I do rearrange, I guess I should Andrew know that. Maybe leave sticky notes where things use to be, pointing him to where they are now? UGH talk about an OCD’s worst nightmares! AHHH!

Ok. So there are a few of my annoying habits. I am sure I have more. I am sure when my husband comes home from work, he could make a list. Poor man. I love him. He puts up with a heck of a lot from me 😉 haha.

What are YOUR annoying habits? 😀


2 thoughts on “Annoying habits

    1. its ok Andrew. I still love you 😉 And, i admit, SOMETIME (only sometimes lol) you really dont know where it is due to my annoying habit of constant rearraging 😉 haha

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