Top 10: KIDS

It is time for another top 10! This time its top 10 reasons to have kids. Now, bear with me, they won’t all be serious. I am having fun! Thats what kids do! They have fun, and they bring out the fun in us old fogies… right?

10) Excuse to pick your nose and not care. I am sure you would say you “itch” your nose, but we ALL know its the same thing! Hey! They do it to, so why not! I stop there though, I will NOT follow in the kids footsteps and follow the picking by eating whatever it is they pull out of their nose.  Who “nose” (HAHAHA i crack myself up) maybe they secretly stash snacks up there for later? I guess I could say the same for other body area kids pick, scratch and grab at…. haha…. ewwww
9) Excuse to wear PJ’s all day. Yup. Enough said – course guess you can do that before… hmm
8 ) Excuse to watch cartoons! Oh, who am I kidding, I did this before kids. Though, I didn’t discover the awesomness of Yo Gabba Gabba until AFTER kids! To be honest, it took a bit to get into it, but by golly, its a cute show! Weird? Yes. But then again, I am weird, so I suppose its why it is so appealing! And hey, the kids like it, especially my 14 months old! it takes the crankies away! And it isn’t Sponge Bob…. enough said (parental disclaimer: I do not let my kids sit in front of the tv all day. There is plenty of activity at this house, such as forecfully throwing books of the shelves, running, jumping, dancing, twirling like a ballerina, princess, or princess ballerina, screaming, shouting, rolling around like wild animals, chasing the dog, torturing the dog, tickling the dog, etc etc… 😉 hehe)
7) Having constant laughter in the house (ok maybe not quite CONSTANT, as there are periods of screaming, wailing, thrashing etc, but then again, I have periods like that as well haha). I mean they say laughter is the BEST medicine, and who better to give you that med than your own children? Plus, their laughs are way cute. I tend to snort if I laugh to hard
6) The slobbery open mouth kisses become acceptable. They really ARE the best, aren’t they? Wet, gross, and somewhat distuburing, yes. But by golly its the cutest grossness Ive ever experienced!! BRING ON THE SLOBBER. Plus, I am sure we, as moms, have injested MUCH worse bodily fluids from our kids (see my post Mommy Mishaps…. enough said)
5) I LOVE baby talk. teeheeheehee and I LOVE LOVE LOVE when they respond! I feel like I am smart and speaking some high tech secret baby spy language! And in a way, we kinda are! LOVE that! Not to mention when they start screaming and spouting off random babble, it totally sounds like they are cussing at you in baby language and its SUPER funny! AND adorable… which brings me to
4) kids are just darn cute. They act cute (most of the time). They say cute stuff. They can get away with saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and people can laugh it off. If you said or ask some of the things kids get away with saying or asking, you would probably be either severely beat up, maybe even be armless, legless, etc… or worse… hmm. So I love LOVE the adorables off kids
3) kids bring more purpose and meaning into the worlds, into your life. They make your heart grow bigger than you ever thought possible. The more kids you have, the more your heart grows. Pretty amazing if you ask me. They can take even the most seemingly selfish and grumpy people and turn their hearts to mush. Kids are powerful!! just look at the grinch 😉
2) KIDS are just. awesome. You have someone who will ALWAYS love you unconditionally. That is pretty powerful. you know? Kids are quick to forgive and model how WE, as adults, should treat others (ok when it comes to love, not when it comes to pushing down bobby cause they want the said quacking duck toy… too bad it can’t work that way for us. I guess it can, but I am pretty sure that could get us arrested for harassment or assault…) I mean, NO MATTER WHAT, they love us. If you forget to give them the cookie they want, its ok. They will forgive and forget, and even if it takes them a bit to forget, they STILL love you. NO MATTER WHAT. What an awesome example of how Christ loves us huh?

The 1) reason I LOVE kids is, I just do. I love my girls. I would go to the ends of the earth for them. They are a BLESSING. They are a JOY. They are SWEET. PRECIOUS. ADORABLE. Yes, there are frustrating moments, but its all worth it. They make my life better. They make my life more worthwhile. They help me see even the smallest blessings in life. They help me get excited over small things. They bring my husband and I closer together. Its amazing really. Kids rock! Oh, and as a bonus. They give me a reason to act immature. not that I didnt’ before, but now at least I have an excuse! 😛

here is this cute, silly little baby talk cartoon I came across hehe. enjoy!


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