I have an obsession. It is with something that also causes fear and trembling in some. It is something I think is both scary and awesome, both misunderstand and magnificant!

I am obsessed with

Yes. That is a shark. I am OBSESSED with sharks! LOL. one of the main reasons I miss cable is, yup, SHARK WEEK! Thank goodness my awesome friend told me there was a whole set on Netflix! WOOHOO! So, guess what I am watching now? haha. I also watched the Jaws trilogy EVERY. SUMME (pretty much till after we moved to bmore and have no cable haha) when it was on TNT! LOL!

More specifically, I am obsessed with Great whites. I mean, come on, who isn’t? They are AMAZING. Scary and awesome all at the same time. I just think they are amazing creatures. I mean shoot. I sure wish my kids could grow teeth as fast as a shark! Sure as heck would make teething easier, or perhaps not, considering they have MULTIPLE rows of teeth. Though their teeth fall in and grow back so easily, I think it would still be easier.

Mommy shark talking to her fellow mommy shark friend: “Man Brutus’s (for some reason I picture Brutus as a shark haha) teething is killing me! I wish he would stop being so fussy!…. oh wait, nevermind! its over with! Thank goodness THATS over. I NEVER thought it would be”  haha

I am weird though. I am actually pretty obsessed with anything ocean. I love octupus’s (and yes, I am pretty sure it isnt’ octopi, or whatever) and all those crazy creatures that live in the WAY WAY WAY deep ocean with the little light bulb looking things on their heads. you know this one… from nemo…

I mean you can learn alot from Pixar! LOL. Anyway, back to why I am weird… as if the shark and creepy fish obsession isn’t enough, is although I LOVE LOVE LOVE learning about these, love seeing them on TV, love going to the aquarium, and I even want to.. CAGE DIVE with Great WHITES!! HECK YES!! 🙂 Its on my bucket list… I am still a little creeped out to actually SWIM in the ocean haha. I have one of these wierd things I am ok with scary things that could eat your face off, suck it off, rip it off, bite it off, etc… as long as I KNOW. ITS. THERE. Same goes for snakes and spiders. They give me the heebie jeebies, yes, but if I KNOW one is there, it fascinates me, and I must look haha.

I just watched a shark attack suvivor shark week episode (wow that was a fishy mouthful) and thisgirls was bit and she was 5’9″ and if it hadn’t have been for her adreniline and her basically fighting the friggin 20 foot (YES! 20 FEET!) Great white, she would have been lunch, or a snack. WELL CRAP!!! I am BARELY over 5 feet. I would have absolutely NO. CHANCE. That shark would swallow me in one bite. SHOOT! whole probably! I wouldn’t even be a snack. I’d be an Hors d’oeuvre! LOL. SOOOOO yeah. They also said you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than being attacked by a shark. Well, considering I came within 10 feet of being struck by lightning, I’d say my chances ain’t looking too good. So for now, I’ll stick my toes in (who needs those anyway?) and construct sand castles in the shape of the eiffel tower or something….. and think about the day I HOPEFULLY come face to face with one…in a box of STEEL, with BIG bars that they cant eat my face through… and I can see them coming… and I am with professionals


Anyone wanna go for a midnight snack?

So, yes. I guess I am a little nuts. But hey, keeps life fun. Ok, I am gonna go feed my obsession some more and watch some more shark week… and get a snack. All this talk of sharks has made me hungry. Meat anyone? 😛

Oh. I am also kinda obsessed with giraffes… but for some reason that didn’t like quite as interesting of a blog post… hmmm unless a shark jumped out and ATE a giraffe. Is that even possible….?


3 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. Brutus is the name of that big smiley shark on the bottom of your blog.. probably why you think of Brutus as a shark name…lol

  2. Oh and I have a picture of a shark (about 5 feet in length) hanging from a tree and my self and my best friend standing next to it, I have to say I was pretty creeped out to learn that it had been fished out of the ocean only about 20 mins after I’d been swimming there.

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