Baths and the Bible

Ok. hear me out. I know this post sounds really awkward. You are probably thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD does a bath have to do with the Bible? Well, let me share my epiphony that happened in… yup you guessed it…. a bath haha

I was thinking how everyone likes a warm, well I like mine hot haha, bath. I haven’t really heard of anyone who likes a cold bath. It actually made me start thinking about that verse in the Bible:

Anyway, I know this is a bit random, but hey, I am random and quirky and, I admit it a bit weird. A dork really… but I happen to think this is a pretty good analogy 🙂

So I was thinking, unless you are constantly putting hot water into your bath, it will slowly get cold. The longer you are in it, the less you may realize its getting cold. It starts off hot, but the warmth and heat slowly leave the bath water and in time, it will become cold. As you stay in the bath, you will get accustomed to the cooler temperature and may not even “mind” the cooler water.

THAT is how a bath is like the Bible, or being a christ follower, and your relationship with God. Unless you are constantly pouring HOT WATER (or time WITH God) into your walk with Him, you will, over time, grow cold. Because its a slow process, you may not even realize your relationship is growing cold. You may not realize you are no longer walking with Him where you should be. You may not realize you have drifted away. You may not realize that your life isn’t radiating Christ’s heat to others.

I know, because, like I am sure MANY people have, I have BEEN there. I was so far “cold” that it took God really nailing me over the head in order for me to realize how “cold” I had become.

Anyway! that was little thought. In order to stay close to God, we need to be CONSTANTLY be letting the hot water flow into the tub. Reading our Bible, talking to Him, loving others like Jesus would, focusing on others not ourselves, learning, growing, changing, etc… whatever discipline we currently need to be focusing on, which we won’t know if the hot water isn’t flowing! If we aren’t, it won’t be long before we are sitting in a freezing cold tub (or lukewarm, which is worse according to God) wondering what in the world happened…


4 thoughts on “Baths and the Bible

  1. Great analogy!! I love it! This past year, God lead me to read through the entire Bible. I found that is changed me completely. One of the reasons is that I made it a priority to read every day…as much as I could each day. God can do a lot in your life when you are pouring in the “hot water” everyday. I talk to people a lot about how much the Bible has allowed God to change me. This will give me a picture of why. Thanks for posting about this!

    The Holy Spirit needs something to work with to work in our lives. That is what the Bible is for. It is the fuel for the fire of the Spirit. The more fuel we give Him, the more He can burn in our lives.

    Great post.

    1. WOW Thanks for the kind and encouraing words! You are welcome and thank you so much for reading! And awesome reading through the entire Bible! I love how God uses His word to speak to us! I also love that at differant points in my walk, God has even used the SAME verse to speak to me in differant ways, like I will notice something in a passage I didn’t before. I need to sit and read through the bible again. It was awesome. Thanks again for reading!

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