My secret love affair with…

JOE! as in  COFFEE people! sheesh. who do you think I am!?

isn’t he handsome? LOL

I seriously can’t live without my morning cup of coffee. or two. or three.. ok so I rarely go over 2 cups. Still. I REALLY have to  have at least SOME coffee in the morning or the rest of the day just… well… stinks. I drag and drag and dont even feel fully awake. This morning I almost had a heart attack. I filled the coffee maker with water and went to get the coffee and it was GONE. THANK GOD I had bought another container. It was just hiding. Thank goodness I found it, or it wouldn’t have been pretty! LOL.

I think its more the IDEA of my cup of coffee more than the caffiene. Sometimes I may only drink half a cup, but it STILL wakes me up. The smell, the sound of it brewing.  PURE. HEAVEN. YUP thats right. I. LOVE. COFFEE. YUM! The best part of waking up is COFFEE in MY cup. I really don’t care which type it is either. Foldgers, Maxwell House… as long as it isn’t Starbucks. I’m sorry, but their regular coffee tastes AWFUL. its like someone burned it. BLECH! I like some of their “upper class” drinks. But really? for that price? i dont go often. I think they make their coffee taste like crap on purpose, as a ploy to FORCE you to drink the more expensive stuff.

Yup. that about sums it up.

If I dont have my joe, you better watch out. I may start growing green fur and my heart may shrink. Yup. I may just turn into the grinch. Fair warning people. Just sayin’. Dont mess with my coffee!

This would be me on NO coffee. NOT. PRETTY.

Coffee is my crack. LOL. The only drug I use it caffiene. Ok, and tylenol, advil and excedrin migarine. HAHA. Ok and maybe some others. Anyway, my point is caffiene is legal. I use it. I need it. I LOVE it! HAHA

 So basically to sum up this blog:

1) I love coffee
2) Coffee is my other lover
3) Don’t mess with me BEFORE coffee unless you want to be slapped, or yelled at, or both
4) I NEED coffee
5) I love coffee… wait I already said that one, well its important, I needed to say it twice 😛


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