Home for the Holidays

Yup. That’s exactly where we were. Home. I have to say, it was a little wierd and lonely, but at the same time it helped us focus on the many blessings that God has so richly given us here, in our HOME. Christmas was great. It went better than expected 🙂 The girls slept in! WOOHOO! Katie till after 8:30 and Holly, we finally got up at 9:15 lol, poor Katie was hanging out in her room eating her breakfast until then… you know, didn’t want to ruin the surprise and all.

Well, we got the girls up and they were SOOOOOOOO excited! We scored a GREAT deal on this little indoor slide thing. LIKE 50% off. IT WAS AWESOME, a blessing for sure 🙂 that was the first thing they say, cause uhh I wasn’t about to try to wrap that. LOL. They played on it for about 20 min or more! Then, we finally asked if they wanted to open presents. HAHA. What kids do that!? We thought that they would have ripped through all the presents in no time. But nope. they would open one and play with it for at least 20 min before we asked if they wanted to open another. Shows that kids REALLY dont care that much about WHAT they get or the STUFF thats under the tree. I really hope they keep this up. They were very happy, loving and full of life christmas day 🙂 Katie was saying thank you thank you thank you over and over. It was precious. I hope she keeps that sense of true appreciation.

Its after christmas now, and this is always a weird time of year for me. I know its still technically the holidays and all, but I cant decide if I want the tree up, or down, and if I want to still be watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. It’s a sad time LOL. We had a good Christmas Day dinner too 🙂 we spent it with friends! so fun! and GOOD food! THANK MEGAN AND LOWELL! 🙂

I also have a new plan for next year! Do all the cool Christmas stuff AS normal, EXCEPT presents. Wait on those till a couple days AFTER christmas! Go shopping for the gifts the day AFTER Christmas when everything is like 58394829% off! HAHA – the kids would NEVER know the difference 😉 AND youd save money! It’s a win win really. OH! and you get to draw christmas out a little bit longer 😛

I love Christmas, but… I will admit, I love the time after Thanksgiving leading up to Christmas the most. The lead up to the “big day” so to speak. The Christmas decorations, lights, carols, special church programs, hearing the Christmas story, reading it to our children, watcihng Christmas movies, having the tree up, etc… the lead up it awesome. I LOVE the christmas season. One of my my most favorite times of year. NOW all we need is some SNOW!



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