Mommy Mishaps 1

Ok, so I dont think I ever told of my WORST mommy mishap ever. It involved prunes….

When Katie was a baby, she loved her some prunes. Weird, I know. Though, I must admit, those Sunsweet Ones prunes are pretty good actually! Anyway she was gobbling them up as I was feeding her. She got excited and tried to take the spoon from me. She also liked to raspberry on me as well…with a mouth full of food….

So, I had my wedding rings on…

I noticed some prunes in the band…

Gross as it is, I was like eh what the heck. I’ll just lick it off.

Well… Lets just say, it wans’t prunes!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

So this is NOW why I do NOT wear my rings when home with the babes…and why I dont buy prunes anymore LOL!!!

No “Poop” for you

So, what is YOUR worst mommy mishap? HA – can you top that one!? I am sure, as a mom though, we have ALL inhaled unknown, gross, bodily fluids of all kinds. Pee, poop, puke, you name it, we’ve probably eaten it haha


4 thoughts on “Mommy Mishaps 1

  1. I have a funny one that one of my guy friends did when he was a toddler and his mom caught the brunt of it…well he was on the toilet doing his thing when he realized that there was no toilet paper to use. Well his mom sure did get a surprise later that night after her shower when she put on her robe!!!

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