Pass the…..cold?

Hmm so we are now on cold number, honestly I have NO. IDEA, that is passing through our house. I had a cold awhile back first then shared it with the girls. Next, Katie, my oldest had a cold then “shared” with me (again). Now, holly has a cold. its a doozie of one too. poor thing. She woke up wtih her ENTIRE nasal area practically GLUED shut with snot. I know I know you TOTALLY wanted to know that 😉 haha. Katie and I are also congested, but she inherited her mothers fun loving sinus problems…. soooooo I think our is just that. for now anyway…

Holly is already a little spitfire, firecracker, spirited, whatever you want to call it. I thought being sick would maybe slow her down, at least a little. I was hoping she’d be more cuddly and not climb on everything in sight, causing this momma unneeded stress. NOPE. NO. SUCH. LUCK. This morning she had climbed onto the TOP of the sofa THEN onto the side table. YUP. Shes a cat I think. Or monkey? Maybe a monkey cat? Kitty monkey? something. She isn’t normal. HAHA. What is normal anyway? Not fun. thats what 😉

She not only isn’t slowing down with her determination to make her mother grey by 35, or send me to the hospital from a heart attack…whichever comes first, but she is shrieking, screaming and letting out blood curdling animal noises more than normal. You would think we were ripping her limbs off, or toenails, one by one, with the decibal capacity some of her shrieks reach. Now, she is sick, soooooo I guess it makes sense shes more fiesty than normal, which is already at 100%, so  being sick, I guess I get an extra 10-20% bonus in the shrill department? If you want to look at it that way…

So, add up Holly’s climbing ability, to her ability to make high pitched (unhuman haha) animal noises, to her amazingly talented shrieking ability that would send even Simon Cowell running in fear… I think is definitely part monkey. And this week, she is not only part monkey, she is part ANGRY monkey 😉

“back up off my cheerios before I bite you where the sun don’t shine!” HAHA – well no, she hasn’t bitten… yet… thankfully 😉 Man I love this little girl. She is so full of life! When she is older, I can see us laughing at how she used to shreik so loud and high that is would send the neighborhood dogs into fits. Ok, maybe not quite THAT bad, but give her another few months if practice, and she may very well be able to. I know our poor little dog, a chihuahua, goes running and cowering under the sofa when she does! HA – ok and Katie, and me… just teasing… kinda… haha 😉





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