Productivity killed the cat

Ok, so I made up this phrase. But it just may kill me…. but not because I am allergic to doing things productive, though sometimes i may be. hmm. maybe THATS the problem! HA… but because so far this morning I have been SO productive I just may keel over dead. FROM SHOCK! LOL

Let’s see..

It’s 9:25 am and so far the clothes have folded and put away, I have showered, gotten dressed AND dried AND styled my hair. The girls beds have both been stripped and I have put clean sheets on them. Our bedding has been put away and staightened. The kitchen has been cleaned. The coffee has been made….

Now, I am sitting enjoying my coffee, Super Why in the background (well its about to be Dinosaur Train lol) writing this awesome blog, while my 3 year old is feeding Holly breakfast. Yup you read that right. my THREE year old is awesome 😛

Also, so far, no major catastrophe’s have occured. No extreme fighting of WWF has taken place between the 2 girls so far. Though Holly, my 1 year old, DID trip over a toy, and fall, and that kinda ticked her off, but she got over it pretty quick when I got her milk… or excuse me… SILK, as she gets violently ill from drinking milk. NOT. PRETTY. Anyhoo… pretty much waiting for the other shoe, or FIRST shoe I guess really, to drop at any moment now…

ok so its really just a DAY, but I like the little monster inc looking characters 😛

Wonder how the rest of the day will pan out. We are heading to a friends soon for a play date! WOOHOO 🙂 then lunch, then nap, then maybe something exciting after nap, who knows, or I may be so TIRED from being so productive in such a short period of time that a netflix Christmas movie MAY be on the lineup. Andrew will get home, then dinner, then BREAK for me WOOHOO, then family time, then bedtime… then I am heading out to the dollar store, walmart and michaels to get me some awesome stuff to make a even MORE awesome wreath 😉

Its gonna be a good day…hopefully… that is unless I just jinxed it. I’ll keep you posted…


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