I think I may be a werewolf

So, apparantly after midnight my brain goes into crazy mode. I mean, I am always a little bit crazy, but wow after midnight i am REALLY crazy. My friend had this silly video up last night that was the nativity story sung to bomhemian rhapsody. Puppets singing it, might I add. We were joking about it and it got me thinking. I just started making up songs out my butt that made no sense. I re wrote Lady Gaga’s poker face

“He was born he was born or he was born in a manger stall! Jesus came to love everybody- huh? HAHA and hey, instead of ‘ma ma ma ma” or whatever she says I could use “baa baa baa baa” like a sheep! you know since jesus was born in a stall? HAHA

Yeah don’t ask. I then wrote a new version of mary had a little lamb. I will spare you that one. I mean when one of my best friends, who KNOWS i am a bit nuts asks “What is WRONG with you?” then LOL… you know something is going on (or not going on depending on how you look at it) upstairs.

I will say. Sheesh, I had some DARN good creative ideas. So I am thinking perhaps I should just start becoming nocturnal and using those crazy creative juices to do something useful? I mean if lady gaga can write wierd music and be so popular (which I admit, she really is amazing, though her choice in words? not so great… lol) then maybe I could use my wierd song lyrics and make some moola? I mean peopel make millions of rewrites all the time? OR! I do write music anyway, maybe after midnight my songs would be even better and more awesome!? HMM…..

Unless crazy scares you? then maybe I shouldnt’ do things too much after midnight. Unless you think crazy is the new beautiful. In that case, after midnight I am Kate Moss. Well, maybe Kate moss, elf edition, since I am WAY short. I mean shoot, her leg is probably the height of my whole body haha. And really, she isnt’ that pretty… OK, well what about Nicole Kidman? or Catherine Zeta Jones (I think seh is GORGEOUS)

ok, is istn’ even midnight and I am acting a little cooky. Perhaps I should not have coffee WITH dark chocolate? OH! OR that means i can MIMIC the genious that comes to me after midnight, without having to stay up till midnight! AWESOME! 😛


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