Dream a little dream

My friend and I got into a small discussion on FB today

WHAT in the world do babies dream about? Do babies even dream? Maybe they dream of the cozy environment in utero they used to be in. Maybe they dream of pureed carrots or cheese cubes dancing to yo gabba gabba. Maybe they dream of a “party in their tummy.” yes its another gabba gabba reference. Weird show maybe, but it certainly calms the fussies! haha

Maybe babies dream of a perfect world where their mommies and daddies can understand jargoining perfectly and give them whatever they want. Maybe they dream of going for a ride in a cozy coupe, color of their choice, checking out the town, going to baby parties and meeting the e-trade baby. He is the baby celeb you know. He is like the baby version of Brad Pitt? ehh? Ok, well no brad pitt for me. I’m more a fan of David Boreaz, or more scuffy men, like Gerad Butler (PS I love you) etc…My hubs has a little beard now… and ME LIKEY! ha, ok wow, sorry, off topic and WAAAAAAAAAY too much information…. Perhaps older babies dream of High school musical hot boy “zac effron” and girl “Vanessa Hudgens”. LOL.

Anyhoo… just some weird thoughts. It would be nice sometimes to know what babies dream about! Now, these are all good dreams… wonder what they have nightmares about? running out of milk? LOL


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