poor teeth

In some ways I feel bad for teeth. They get blamed for quite a bit. They really ARE the perfect scapegoat though. I mean really, you can blame most ANYTHING on teeth!!! My oldest, 3, was a late teether. Not only was she late, she was sloooooooooooooooow. Like painfully (no pun intended) slow. She is 3 years and 3 months adn JUST NOW FINALLY finishing up. Yup you read that right. her 2 year molars were more like her 3 year molars. So I had 2 glorious years to blame things on teeth πŸ˜› Now that she is done, I am not quite sure what I will blame stuffΒ  on… lol

My other daughter is a late teether as well, actually gotΒ  her FIRST tooth LATER than my oldest, yet somehow had 3 teeth at her 1 year appt, where as my oldest only had….1. So, she may be done with teething faster, even though she started later. So, why do I think teeth are the perfect scapegoat?

1- oh wow the baby’s poop stinks more than normal…. TEETH!
2- oh darn the baby isn’t napping well…. TEETH! so just go on in an cuddle the little boogers πŸ˜‰
3- oh wow my on the go baby is letting me cuddle them more! TEETH! though I LOVE this about teeth. I do love the extra snuggles
4- Man i have drool ALL over my new dress… TEETH!
5- hubby comes home to an empty table and you say we are going to mcdonalds – “oh I am sorry honey the baby was teething and I completely forgot about dinner”
6- older sibling colors, in permanant marker, over your husbands prized DVD collection of something manly – oh honey I am so sorry, but the baby was teething and I told the the older kid to go color so I could tend to the baby. Guess she thought that would make a good canvass
7- My hair is falling out… TEETH! ok well maybe not, but I am sure I could somehow tie this into teething. Perhaps your teethign baby chews your hair for comfort? Or perhaps you have tried motrin, teething tablets, teether, and even chewing on a stick from the tree out front, yet they are still in pain… yup see!? there goes the hair…. LOL
8- Husband wonders why you bought a new purse and shoes… TEETH! “Well, you see, The baby decided to use my shoes and handbag as teethers. guess the leather.. AHEM ok FAUX leather… relieved the pain. That baby chewed right through my sexy strappy heels like a beaver through wood! So I mean I HAD to replace them… with something more… sturdy, then the old purse just didnt’ match the new shoes sooooo”…. hey it could work, right? maybe?
9- Drinking before noon…. TEETH! lol
10- Falling asleep at the dinner table…. TEETH
11- getting away with “not being in the mood” – HAHAHAHA…. yup, teeth πŸ˜‰

So anyway, you see where i am going with this. Teeth really give you endless possibilities to blame things on, get away with things, or whatnot. AWESOME huh? Too bad babies only had 20 teeth…. though when their baby teeth fall out and they get adult, can we do it again!? haha πŸ˜›

LOVE MY BABIES πŸ™‚ and all their cute pearly whites πŸ˜‰


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