Me Thinks I Think too much…or so I’ve been told

This is me. This is me with my over size thinking cap on. I have been told I think too much. It’s probably true. I feel the need to go through every possible scenario in my mind before acting. Why? I dont know. I mean what IF purple polka dotted chickens really DID come falling out of the sky one rainy afternoon? I would have much rather had my umbrella than my raincoat. Ok, so maybe I dont go to THIS extreme, but I do think to much sometimes. Ok. ALOT.

I think too much about HOW to raise my kids,or choices to make. Do I let them CIO or not let them CIO. Do I swaddle or NOT swaddle. DO I use a paci past the age of 1 or take it away. I run scene after scene in my head. I focus too much on the future rather than concerning myself with the present. I mean i know you HAVE to look somewhat into the future. It wouldn’t be wise to go blow money on a new ferrari that was set aside for their college fund with the attitude that “eh I have several years to put it back.” BUT small things like a paci or swaddle really just dont matter a whole hill of beans in the long run. I mean do YOU know any college kid who has to get their roomate to swaddle them each night before bed? Or who uses a paci? Yea. That. would. be. wierd.

So. I pretty much OVER think MOST things. I go to the nth degree, the extreme, the edge, “Im on the edge of glory….” oh sorry thats Lady Gaga… hmm that sounds like a baby, wonder if she uses a paci? haha wouldn’t surprise me.

Yup. this is what most people tell me. And 90% of the time, they are probably right. It doestn’ mean anything that so and so snorted with a leaf sticking out of their mouth when I was walking by. It probably doesn’t mean anything that black bird landed on the balcony. Anything probably means anything. Nothing means what I think it does when dealing with people, at least the majority of the time. I will KNOW when true mom gut kicks in, or true discernment on people and their actions.

My argument is… well, i would rather think too much than not at all, then I found this. it’s got a point. Sorry for the language! LOL.

Hmm…. this makes me think… wait no. That doesnt’ seem right. It makes me NOT think. Makes me think about not thinking. Makes me think to not think.  Makes me think about thinking about not thinking….Makes me… ugh my brain hurts. Stupid chickens 😛


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