I (don’t) wish I was a little bit taller

Do you remember that song? LOL. I remember when I was in intramural softball (big mistake, I STANK BIG TIME lol) that was the song they played when I went up to bat haha. I wanted something about being short, as I was the shortest person on the team. Well, 10+ years later, I am still. really. short. I am about 5’1′ (ok really 5′ 3/4″ but I round up that extra 1/4″. I think its fair!). My oldest daughter is gonna take after me I think. she is in uhhhh MAYBE 3rd percentile for her height. Her “little” sister just turned 1 and is only 4 inches shorter lol. Holly, is in the 80th percentile. Still not sure where that came from as me and my husband are both short.

Anyway. This post is about NOT wanting to be taller. I actually dont mind being short. It has its advantages. I can wear kids clothes. Yup. I wore some pants today from target girls and they are half the price! CHA CHING! Yet, no one knows they are kids. It isnt’ like I bought bedazzled pants or anything. They dont have Hello Kitty in crystal across my booty or Hannah Montanna in sparkle glitter down the left leg. I dont buy Justin Bieber shirts or nighties, My pants are simply tan courderoy 🙂 They are super comfty too! I can also wear kids shoes. Ok, this is more about having small feet on TOP of being short… though to be honest, sometimes having small feet stinks. lol. No, my small feet DON’T stink… it stinks to have small feet, because I can NEVER. EVER. EVER. find my size in cute shoes. I either have to order them, or get something bigger and wear thick socks haha, like in boots. I wear a women’s 5, and sometimes even have to order a 4, which means I can wear a kids 2 or kids 3…. lol

However, I will be honest. The one thing I dont like about being short is when people dont take you seriously. They think I am just some kid throwing some stupid thoughts out there and they agree wtih me, or pretend to, out of pitty for the “poor dear shorty pants.” Hello people, being short has NO IMPACT on my brain. It is NOT a disease! I am STILL a 30 year old, mature (ok maybe not ALL the time), capable woman, with 2 children, a husband, and a home to take care of. I do not need to be “handled with care” and I am not “fragile” or wont break if high fived too hard or something. I think sometimes people think short people are so delicate or something. I also know because I am short I LOOK young, but I am the SAME age as you; person who treats me like their kid sister. LOL. My mom (and others) constantly remind me I will like this when I am “older” – whatever “older” means. 40? 50? 60? I mean I already get asked if my girls are mine or I am a nanny. lol.

So anyway. I do NOT wish I was taller. I love being short. Short is awesome. I am short and sweet… unless you baby talk me in the middle of the “feminine” isle at target telling me you think I have the wrong isle, then I may not be so sweet…. lol

So people? I am short. GET. OVER. IT. I am still, however, a GROWN woman. Just because I am grown,  doesn’t mean I have to be tall 😛 SHORT DOES NOT EQUAL YOUNG! My height has nothing to do with my age… 😛

……sometimes I do wish I had more average size feet…..


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