mind or matter

Yes, my blog is titled correctly. i know its usually mind OVER matter, just not in this case πŸ˜‰

I really need to get into a groove of blogging more. It seems I go for weeks doing GREAT! then, I kinda taper off and well, stink, at writing. I have some friends that blog. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I am so jealous! I need to do that, get into a habit. I love blogging, but I guess sometimes I dont think I have enough IMPORTANT things to say, or people wont CARE what IΒ  have to say. Then I realized. WHO. CARES!!!! Who cares what anyone else says. who cares if my blog is short, or long, or one sentence, or shoot, one word. Who cares if my blog is something profound or simple, serious or silly. My blog is meant to be about my life, what I am learning what I am doing, or NOT doing some days πŸ˜› like today, I REALLY should have done some laundry, but did I? Nope. We are in an apt, with no W/D in the units and I didnt’ feel like dragging a bajillion loads of laundry to the basement. Sometimes the best blogs are the most simple. I want people to know I am a simple (albeit crazy haha) gal, simple life. I am not fru fru fancy. I love handbags and shoes though!!! however, shoes not so much lately. Since kids, heels are just NOT COMFORTABLE ANYMORE. LOL. I still LOVE shoes, I just need to find some awesomenly stylish grandma type shoes πŸ˜› haha. I will end this blog with a quote from a friend. It was what reminded me to blog about whatever, and not care what anyone thinks or says πŸ™‚

My husband posted this quote from a fellow ministry friend. He said: I probably wouldn’t worry so much about what people think about me if I just realized .. They aren’t thinking about me.”Β  UMM. YES. SO. TRUE.Β I REALLY need to remember this one. I would probably be less afraid to write stuff, say stuff, DO stuff, just LIVE life if I remembered this more. A close friend of ours commented on this with…

That’s why I simply do what I feel. Those who mind do not matter, and those who matter do not mind… Again, I need to remember this. People who are truly our friends and love us, wont care if what we say is worded in the most eloquent way, or said the best way, or if we sound “stupid” or “immature”. They wont care if we talk about something they aren’t interested in, because they know having differences is OK.Β  And I know him, and he doesn’t mean do whatever the heck you want with no regard to peoples feeligns πŸ˜‰ so dont take it that way…


haha awesome quote πŸ˜›


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