Tis the season to be….

If you know the song, you may expect me to use the word jolly right about now. Jolly sounds like such a delighful word. Giddy, Happy, Joyful all rolled into one. Jolly is the mother of all “happy” cocktails. I also like the word jolly because it rhymes with Holly, my 1 year old toddler… GASP!? did I really just say TODDLER! well type it, but whatever. Sheesh I cant believes one!….

Anyhoo. Jolly is NOT the word I had in mind. I have in mind something not so…hmmm jovial? Snotty is one of the first words that come to mind when I think about now. Rude. Impatient. Selfish. Arrogant. Yup. i said it. I know, I know, thanksgiving/Christmas is supposed to bring out the best in people, but sometimes I swear it brings out the worst. I dont know why. People tend to annoy me more now sometimes. Instead of taking the time to enjoy the season I feel like everyone is in a rush. I mean, you have NO idea how many times I almost get hit in the parking lots, or have someone cut in front of me, etc.. while I am driving tryign to find a space, or heck, cutting in front of me in line. Today, I had this mother, who acted like she was the most important person on the planet and everyone else can shovel her dogs poo or whatever, had her kids with her at Target. The daughter was running around the isle and dropping stuff. Well she almost ran right into me, dropped something RIGHT in front me, like literally, if she had dropped any closer it would have landed on my feet, and didn’t even acknowledge the fact her daughter almost ran me over. In fact, she acted like I was in HER way, gave me an evil eye while staring me down, then proceeded to roll her eyes and walk away not even saying “oh excuse me” or getting her daughter to say excuse me. Then we wonder why they are so many dang bullies in the school systems. I almost turned around and yelled something mean and spitful just because…but i didnt’ think quick enough on my feet. UGH people like that annoy the crap out of me! Its just so rude. I dont go to Target to be treated like I am nothing. ITS TARGET for petes sake. If I wanted to be treated like dog poo, I would go to Nordstrom, or Saks 5th Avenue or something more prestigious… BUT ITS TARGET LADY! GET A LIFE and teach your kids some manners. LOL. I have more stories like this lately, but I wont get into it…. in fact I have MANY MANY rude people stories for EVERY christmas as far back as i can remember. Really. ITS THE HOLIDAYS for goodness sakes. Arent you supposed to be “good” so you get gifts from santa or something? get over yourself! lol

I know there are rude people all year, but I feel like they up their rude factor this time of year. I dont know if they feel like they need to prove something, prove they are rich and better than everyone, and can have more presents under their tree or what. It is almost like its a competition on who is the best parent and its judged by what and how much you get your kid. Hey, whatever floats your boat people, just dont make crash into the iceburg and go down with you. I actually have a life too you know, regardless of what you may think. I know my Marshalls bargain sweat pants and hanes sweat shirt dont scream sophistication…. but I actually enjoy my tight living quarters, frugal living, limited income and budget, and I bet you I am more comfortable than you will ever be in your designer wear or “oh I am going to target so I must dress up, heaven forbid people see in peasant attire!” attitude. lol

I feel like this time of  year there are always people who feel the need to say something “in the name of love” or what not, but it isn’t love they are speaking, unless its opposite day to them, because their definition of love sucks. Why do people gotta be scrooges? I guess they are just jealous of my amazing awesomesness 😛 ha ya right. Example: I have a dear friend who posted something awesome about this great opportunity to do something for kids around the world who dont get anything for Christmas, because they really are poor. And by poor I mean, they hardly have food, they have 1 shirt and they live on dirt floors, not poor as in “OMG I CANT GET MY STARBUCKS LATTE TODAY! I had to settle for 7-11 coffee!” HEAVEN forbid. though isn’t their slogan “oh thank heaven…” lol. Those people need a serious reality check. Anyway… she had the nerve to say its “sad that people do charity at christmas” umm say what? Then judged people saying they ONLY do stuff at christmas and its not right, blah blah blah. Well fine. I can KIND of see the point… but 1) you dont know what these people do, for all you know they could give away 1 million dollars a month.. so shut up, get OVER yourself and stop judging before you fall off your high horse and get a concussion. 2) kids WANT to celebrate christmas and I think its awesome. Christmas is a BIG holiday, so umm yes, we NEED to do something to reach out to those less fortunate and 3) While I can KIND OF see what she was MAYBE trying to say, if I squint really hard and jump up and down on one toe, while spinning around singing jingle bells backwards under misletoe being held by a one eyed reindeer… it did NOT need to be said on the LINK to the mission outreach for petes sake. STOP BEING A DANG (though I really wanted to say a cuss word there lol) SCROOGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Really! what is WRONG with people!?

Ok haha so I know this blog wasn’t that nice, and it may seem my rude factor is also up, but I guess I am just getting SO tired or rude, selfish and inconsiderate people who only do stuff to make themselves look good. If they knew the TRUE meaning of why we celebrate thanksgiving and christmas, or I should say REMEMBERED the meaning, I know 100% that people would NOT be so rude. They would be thankful. They would do all they could to go out of their way to be kind, considerate and loving. They may even let someone go in front of them in the checkout line at target, or even GASP saks 5th ave, if you are blessed enough to be able to shop at places like that. They would not cut peopel off in traffic. They would NOT drive 50 MPH in a parking lot just so they can make it to the last “close” space before someone else takes it. They would be polite and say excuse me. They would smile at you. Why? Because if we remembered what these holidays really mean, we couldn’t help but be kind. We had God, COME to earth as human for us. FOR US. RUDE. INCONSIDERATE. SNOTTY  us, because YES, i am “one of these people” at times. We all are. HE came to earth wtih ONE purpose. TO DIE. I mean, can you imagine!? Jesus KNEW the pain and suffering he would endure, but he did it anyway. Why? because he LOVES us. He is the farthest from RUDE one could ever possibly be.  Jesus was love. Jesus IS love. So guys. lets be love together ok? love like Jesus. and remember…

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, butrejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,endures all things. Love never ends.” 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8


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