So. Yesterday was Halloween. I am feeling the effects like a hangover, and I didn’t even eat any candy! LOL. Ok,, so i took a few licks of my daughter’s lolllipop….but SHHHHH. I mean, I had to make sure it was “safe” before I let her have it, right? I figure I am bigger and could tolerate if the candy was poisoned better. Ok, ya so thats a lame excuse. Whatever. Sue me. I need candy! GIVE ME SUUUUUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went trick or treating with friends. Katie’s BFF and Holly’s BFF, even if shes too young to know it, Leela IS her BFF! HA. We, of course, filled up on great food before hand. My wonderful friend made AWESOME chili and cornbread. I had seconds. Of both. Yeah, it was THAT good 🙂 and hey, I needed the fuel to keep up with 2 hyper kids, one seeking as much candy as she could muster and the other desperately trying to bust out of her stroller to get some of her sisters candy…though sadly, I think my (almost!) 1 year old could take on her big sister. Sorry Katie, I love you dearly, but its the truth. I had to add that part in you know, in case when shes a teenager and decides she hates me and tries to find stuff on the internet to prove I am a unfit mother or things to bribe me with etc, she cant use that comment unfairly – 0h and just to clear it up future teen Katie. No, you are NOT adopted, ok good I got that out of the way.  Now Holly, man she was trying to bust out of that stroller like a bat outta hell, which I guess would haev been appropriate considering it was Halloween and all. I swear this child could find a way out of a straight jacket if given enough time. Now THAT my friends, is scary and spooky and any other Halloween related word 😉

So, trick or treating started off well….then Katie tripped. Again. As usual. Though, I don’t blame her, considering the street lights on the road we were on did little more than provide light to pick your nose by, actually no scratch that, you wouldn’t have been able to even find the boogers in that light. Also, the poor dear is not even 3 feet tall wearing a child 4-6x costume. Why, then you ask did I buy that size? Well, YOU try telling a highly sensitive 3 year old, who is FAR too smart for her own good, that she cant be Sleeping Beauty. That my friends would be VERY unwise. As Forrest Gump would say “stupid is as stupid does” or Yoda would say “Very unwise my friend would be” or however he mixes up grammar in a super cool and awesome way. Plus, there wasn’t many choices in her size, well FOR her age. She’s the size of a 2 year old, but older than 3. No wait, yesterday her and her 11 months old sister were both in 18 months. haha. So yes, ANY tripping causes MAJOR crying, poor cutie. Well, she was still the cutest sleeping beauty I know, and hey I would be crying too if I woke up after 10 years, or however long she was asleep,  to a day where people were walking around pretending to be me. Actually no, I’d be pretty ticked. lol.

Holly was adorable as snow white. In her pictures however, she looked more like snow white from the hood, since she kept giving this mugging face that looked like she may beat you up and take all your candy. Thats my girl! HAHA. Shes something else that one. She has managed to figure out which button on the remote turns on the tv or dvd player, so when I tell her NO for the 53829542953285628 time to NOT touch the DVD player or TV, ie as in turning it on on the actual device (yeah we need a new entertainment center that has doors lol) she goes and CLIMBS up to get the remote then proceeds to turn it on that way. LOL. I thought she was going to literally bust out of the stroller a few times and fall head first onto the pavement, though knowing  her, it wouldn’t have stopped her, she woulda gotten up and been like “HECK YES!!!! I’M FREE!!!! NOW IM GOING TO GET ME SOME CANDY LOSERS!” LOL. I took their picture next to a giant inflatable Frankenstein (Like really big) and had to pull her AWAY because she almost pulled the thing OVER….twice. lol. I think she was trying to kiss him. Perhaps she has a thing for green…

So, we finished trick of treating around 7:30, usually their bed time, but hey not bad! We got them asleep before 8:30 so score! Well I tought nice, theyll sleep in… Well  no. Holly did, but the dang street cleaner, thats RIDICULOUSLY loud, woke up Katie. I KNOW it annoyed her because rather than saying good morning, or Im ready to get up she made this horrid shrieking sound like a dying cat…actually no, sadly she sounds like me when the random hammering/tapping/banging coming from some place unknown wakes me up for the 48392592529895 time at night. So see Katie? you are NOT adopted 😛 lol – and whenever that random tapping happens I always try to figure out where its coming from and I have YET to figure it out. It must be from some other dimension, because someone cannot POSSIBLY have unlimited wall space to be constanly hanging up pictures!

so this blog was a WEE bit random, but then again, I am wired that way 😛 and Halloween is kinda random, its what makes it fun 🙂 We  had a great time. I love my girls and they were soooooo cute 🙂 My pretty princesses, and my prince charming ;), make me smile like no other. I’m so blessed! Halloween definitely had lots of WEEEEEEE in it this year 🙂

NOW! onto the turkey and dressing….and pumpkin pie made from all the jack-o-lanterns who are on the train to the island of misfit pumpkins lol…..


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