Shows I miss…

I am old. I realized I was “old” today when I was sitting there delightfully reminiscing (or however you spell it, see? there is the old again, brain don’t work haha) over the tv shows I used to watch as a little child, child, teen, and even shows I watched as a young(er) adult (Because 30 really is NOT old people ok!?) So! here we go! a list of the shows I miss!

1) Garfield and friends!!! Saturday morning just is NOT the same without him 😦 Although, I admit, I think I liked the “friends” parts of the show better, but I still REALLY REALLY miss that cat….and those garfield movies? dont get me started. NOT. THE. SAME! in fact, I really HATE how they try to take GREAT old cartoons and make them into movies. Wonder if the Smurfs movie was good :/ i loved that show too, just NOT as much as Garfield 🙂 I would love if they brought this cartoon back! I think I may actually ENJOY some of the things my daughter loves. Ok though I admit, weird as it is, I enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba… so see!? I am not THAT old 😛 or maybe I am, hmmm and and my brains has left me and thats the only reason I enjoy the craziness. Anyhoo… I really miss good ol’ garfield, AND his pals

2) Captain Planet. Yes. I LOVED that show. OMG! I seriously DIED if I missed it. I remember sitting on the bar stool eating my cheerios watching our teeny tiny kitchen tv screen ENTRANCED by the awesome action and “not so special” effects, by now days standards anway, for a “tween” girl it rocked! LOL!

“Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! GO PLANET!
With your powers combined I am Captain Planet!
Captain Planet, he’s our hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero….” hahaha awesome stuff!

3) FULL HOUSE!!! HECK YES! you know that was going to make my list. SHEESH “HOW RUDE!” LOL. OMG I loved this show SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I am sure at some point I was in love with dreamy ol Steve too. I wanted to be Stephanie Tanner, and felt for her when she moved her “bedroom” to the bathroom and slept in the tub. You know, I’ve considered doing that now… hmmm…. we are in a 2 bedroom apt, and sleep in the living room currently lol. I KNOW I was head over heel for Jesse. “Have Mercy!”  What “tween” (I really HATE that word, tween, lol) girl wasn’t? LOL. Dang, I miss this show! I wish I could call up ABC and ask them to somehow bring this show back and they’d give me a thumbs up and say “You got it dude!” What? they brought back 90210!

4) 7th Heaven: I just miss this show. I know, I know, call me nuts, but I do. I. JUST. DO. All of them. sigh… this was a SAD SAD day for me when the last episode aired 😦 Come on!? I am sure you can find some MORE drama in a pastor’s life, right!??? haha. Lord know pastors are FULL of drama, right? 😛 full of drama, or surrounded by drama, I haven’t quite figured out which would be a more appropriate explanation… So, anyway! I do miss this show alot, I think I watched most of the episodes. HMM wonder if it on Netflix….

5) Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: umm Sullly? Need I say more? 😛 ok ok That wasn’t the reason for me, but hey, he was pretty cute, though I dont think I much noticed that back then. I just loved that show. I watched it EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. with my mom. I LOVED Colleen, though I didn’t like when they changed her. I preferred the “old” colleen, she looked more “western” type girl. The new Colleen was much to “pretty” and made up for the show, in my opinion. HA. I just loved this show. I love Jane Seymore! I still do, to be honest. I think shes BEAUTIFUL! I wish theyd bring back this show, or something like it. It was SO fantastic!!

6) Touched by an angel: I LOVED Della Reese! I dont remember as much about this show as some of the others on my life, but I LOVED it. This was another one I remember watching with my mom 🙂 good memories. good times, good times. lol.


7) I ALMOST FORGOT THIS ONE! until someone reminded me, so I am adding it to the list. lol. SHAME on me! ITS: SAVED BY THE BELL!!!!! OMG how could i forget that show. I WAS. OBSESSED! like seriously. OBSESSED. HAHAHAHA I NEED to find me some reruns or something.  A friend of mine is getting her daughter the box set of Full House, I think I may do the same with that show AND this show when my girls are older! They MUST know about the awesomeness of saved by the bell!! WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING….. ITS ALRIGHT CAUSE I’M SAVED BY THE BELL!” I will spare writing the entire song out, because I am pretty sure if I heard the music, oh boy, I would whip those words right out! HAHA YAY! saved by the bell!!! haha


So, I have more shows I miss, but those are some I REALLY remember watching. I have one last one to add to the list. It was a recent show, and to be honest, I am still in a bit of withdrawl from it. I think this new show on Fox “Terra Nova” is meant to be a replacement, but it just AIN’T the same. I will have to watch it more, but I tried watching one episode, and couldn’t stay focused, probably because my mind was on some island somewhere trying to decide whether to save Jack or Sawyer… Yes, the show I DESPERATELY miss, almost as much as i would miss air is none other than

LOST!!!! oh LOST, I am lost without you… lol


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