are you seeing your children as blessings? or burdens?

PARENT CHALLANGE BLOG! – Im gonna start a set of mom challanges every so often. Here is my first:

Parents, here is your challange, if you choose to accept it:

I have something else thats been on my heart and mind lately. A LOT. Its about how we as moms talk about our kids. It’s about what we say about our kids. It’s about how we treat our kids. The Lord knows I am NOT perfect. I royally screw up. Quite often. I think its something that we will struggle with our whole lives. We will struggle with it because the innate nature of humans is selfish. We don’t want to  have to put others before ourselves. We don’t want to have to relax and let go of control. We don’t want to have to slow down. We don’t want to have to love unconditionally. I think humans will always struggle with this. Its a battle, but its one worth fighting. Christ thought WE were worth it…lets prove that to our kids and treat them as christ loves us!

I do not question my friends, or most parents, love for their children. I think parents love their kids. HOWEVER, is how we talk about them, saying that? Are we talking about them like they are a TRUE blessing, or are the things we say make it appear we feel they are a burden on our lives, causing us to have to change our life, schedule, how we do things etc. We really need to watch how much we “complain” about our kids. Saying things like “Man, i cant wait to get away from my kids” or “I cant wait to be alone” or “I cant wait to bedtime” is fine…every oncein awhile, but I feel there are some moms who say things like this (I am sure they dont mean anything by it) quite often, and it gives the appearance you dont like being around your child, they annoy you, they are a burden, etc. When we as parents say things like this too much, we are NOT looking at our children like a blessing, but a burden. There is NOTHING wrong with needing a break, or wanting a break sometimes, or alone time. EVERYONE needs that. However, we really need to watch how we say it, how often we say it. If what we say always comes across as a complaint, or that we are in “constant”  need of a break, or give the impression that we live for the “next break”… what impression does this give? especially to those who dont have children?

Heck, even commercials lately sometimes show that having kids does nothing but cause you to have no life anymore…and that’s just SAD. My kids enhance my life in a way I cannot describe. It isn’t ABOUT me anymore. It should have never been about me anyway, whether we have kids or not.  I guess i am growing a little tired of feeling parents dont do anything except live for the next time away from their kids. Parents (I have periods like this as well) spend so much of their time wishing for time alone, they miss how big a blessing time WITH their kids are! Some parents I dont think mean anything by things they post, but it gives this appearence.

A good friend of mine had something on her facebook awhile back that made me think. She said something like “She wonders why so many people even bother having kids if all they are going to do is complain about them”

I think I have written a blog simliar to this before, but I think its a reminder we all need to hear. A lot. When we have kids, our OLD life changes. Part of it dies. We HAVE to be ok with that. Stop living for your next shopping run alone, stop living for nap time, bedtime, whatever and start living life to the fullest…WITH your kids. Stop wanting time WITHOUT your kids, and start enjoying the time WITH them. I mean, dont get me wrong, i appreciate my times alone, like I said, we all need it, but I feel like so many people LIVE for this, and i dont think thats viewing our kids for the blessings they are.

so. this is my challange to you. will you accept?

here is another thing about this same thing:

this was one someones facebook: ITS AWFUL and just plain SAD when you think about it. Moms, parents, WATCH what you post, say…be careful. STOP complaining abotu your kids and LOVE them. CHERISH them. CHERISH the time with them, because it will be over ALL TOO FAST!  this is the kind of stuff I am talking about. I am seeing it MORE and MORE. We all struggle with our kids from time to time! thats so normal! we all get frustrated, we all get tired, we all get annoyed. HOWEVER, we all really need to work on how we say things, what we say, and SHOW people that having kids can richly enhance your life. Children ARE a blessing, NOT a burden!!! Lets prove that ok? lets LIVE that truth, because, to be honest, we really aren’t 😦 and it breaks my heart…

I am working on changing my attitude at times. God really is helping me and working with me. I MISS my kids when I am away. I am getting to where I want less and less time AWAY from them and CRAVE more and more WITH them!!! 🙂 My kids are a blessing. I am working on treating them as such. Are you? SO! this is my challenge to you! will you accept it! 🙂

“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” psalm 127:3


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