Let’s not “not and just say we did”. Let’s just NOT.

OK people. There are some SERIOUSLY disturbing fashion trends out there. I grew up, somewhat, in the 80’s, and while some of the items were, ehhh ok, I really just dont need to re live certain things. Like MC Hammer pants. “DONT TOUCH THIS” seriously, lets not. I mean if I was gonna go sky diving, perhaps I would wear them as a “just in case” item… you know just in case the parachute didn’t open, THEN the spare didnt’ open…I’d be free falling and remember I have my not so awesome poofy pants and just soar down to earth like a flying squirrel singing “fly on the wings of eagles” or something….I guess in THAT case I may thank good ol hammer. But lets save the parachutes for sky diving ok? oh and they aint sexy either…. STOP! Its (not)  hammer time! (ok I admit, I liked the song and hammer, haha, just NOT the choice of attire lol)

Another trend I don’t get is sexed up classy, or whatever the trend is. Its trying to pretend we can still be a classy lady while out boobs, and butt, and other parts practically hang out. DONT. GET. IT. AT. ALL. My adorable, ever so “sweet” husband, calls this the “PRO HO” look  – professional hooker. They really just DONT mix. Its like trying to breed a horse with a butterfly. it wont work. ever. I know that I am a woman. I know that God made us beautiful to look at and all. Well, some of us anyway, haha kidding – ok well most times I dont even feel that beautiful and smooshing myself into some of these “outfits” would not make me feel more pretty at all. How can you feel sexy when you cant even BREATH!?  I know that men are supposed to be physical in nature and all that too… but ladies? come on now. you will NOT attract the right guys with this look (or the hammer pants either, just cause they cover you up don’t mean its cute) its just… gross. lol. you can be “sexy” without looking trashy. Sexy doesnt’ have to equal whore. CLASSY NOT TRASHY. Well I should clarify that type of trashy, cause I am sitting here writing this blog in some sweats and I dont really look all that classy. SOOO, I am definiately leaning more toward trashy…just not the same kind or from the same place. lol

This is another one I just dont understand. It just looks….well stupid. I dont know why you guys think you are so cool running around with your butt cracks hanging out for all to see. well no, not running, if you ran like this you would trip over your pants and faceplant into the concrete. Or, hmm maybe that would be good. I may think the low pants may look better with a bloody nose. At least it would look like you were in a fight and the attacker wanted your “super cool” pants, but you got away just in time! Also, with your pants riding so low, doesnt’ that hurt or bother your…well…you know?! I know for me, if my pants are too big and I have to pull them up alot, IT DRIVES ME BATTY! Oh I know! maybe we have a world full of aspiring plumbers out there! Well, hey, can one of you come fix my john? its leaking. Unless you want to be a plumber… SAY NO TO CRACK!

Ok… so I could go on and on with this stupid ugly fashion stuff forever. I will save more for another day. Though, i will give you one image to ponder, and think of as you drift off to sleep tonight…

 This one take the cake as far as “Lets not ‘not and just say we did. lets just not!!!” lets REALLY not. LOL!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Let’s not “not and just say we did”. Let’s just NOT.

  1. I just never understood how guys’ *manhood* could possibly be comfortable with pants slung low … And lately I’ve seen slung-low skinny jeans. SERIOUSLY?

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