so differant

It is so funny to me how differant 2 siblings can be! I know, I know, I should realize this, as God  makes no 2 people alike! It is still funny, and kinda cool to see how our 2 sweeties are developing into their own little lady… one I pray will follow after God’s heart! Holly is only 10 months, but I can already see such differences in her from katie.

1) holly is NOT a breakfast person lol. she could care less really. Its all I can do to get her to drink 5 oz and eat a few cheerios. LOL. and this is AFTER sleeping until 9 am or later (after going to bed at 7:30) THIS she got from me. I am NOT a breakfast person, at all. Katie, however, as soon as she gets up she wants breakfast. Its one of the FIRST thing she says or asks about…telling me what she would like for breakfast (and yes, she does say please, MOST times lol) this she got from her daddy. Andrew eats almost first thing too. Me? ehh some days i dont eat breakfast. I know, i should, ugh I  just HATE eating in the morning!

2) Katie was SO into small motor skills. Holly? ON THE GO ALL THE TIME. She is def large motor and uses every brain cell she has to figure out how to get what she wants, get TO what she wants, or get WHERE she wants, lol. I NEVER. EVER. sit down. seriously.

3) Katie is more shy around new people (like me) she talks great one on one, and can talk great to adults (me too, i was the same way, even now, i often can talk better to those older than me), BUT in large groups she shuts down and gets quiet, shy, and is reserved. She can be outgoing, but most def introverted…just like her mommy. Holly, is the opposite I think. LOVES people (well except now with the major separation anxiety she has). She LOVES being watched adn being the center of attention. She is always wanting people to watch her be silly and actually gets upset if people dont pay attention to her lol. Katie on the other hand, she enjoys alone time…just like me 🙂

4) They do BOTH like black olives! LOL oh! and green beans! Holly likes broccoli a little more than katie though 😉

5) Holly LOVES meat. Katie is OK with meat. She didn’t care for it AT ALL as a baby though, where Holly is like MMMM GIVE ME MEAT!!!!!! ME CARNIVORE! MEAT! MEAT! lol

One thing they BOTH do, and they got from me, who i got from my mom, who my mom got from her mom etc etc.. is how I laugh. I ALWAYS laugh, the sigh at the end of my laugh. BOTH girls do this 🙂 super sweet hehe

I love my girls and I love seeing how they are differant and how they aer the same, but most of all, i LOVE seeing them develop into who God created them to be and I cant WAIT to see how He works in their lives! Katie already loves sharing wtih people about jesus, praying for friends and understands SO much about what Jesus did for her and is so sweet and caring. Holly is a sweetie too and just LOVES giving kisses 😉


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