big attitude baby

My 10  month old has an attitude. It isn’t necessarily good or bad. But its an attutide nonetheless. As she gets older, I may be in for it, but for now, its the funniest, cutest, though sometimes annoying, thing ever! She has some of the funniest expressions and its times like that you wish there was some invention that would tel you what a baby was thinking, you know, since I cant understand “boo baa goo da ya mama?” haha. Really! they shoud invent that. Make it like thsoe forehead thermometers. Whenever your baby starts baby speak, etc… place it on the forehead and it will translate it into adult speak! AWESOME!

Holly Grace Kulp is. STUBBORN. With a Capital STU. LOL. She sat early, crawled early… I thought she would have taken first steps by now, but no. She hasnt’, which to be honest, I am OK with, since it takes her a matter of SECONDS to terrorize the dog, her sister (yes, her OLDER sister), the blinds, the speaker wires, the carpet she pulls UP from the floor, etc, etc… hahaha. She really DOES bully her sister. Grantid her older sister, poor thing, at 3 year old, only weighs 4 more lbs and is only 6 inches taller than her sister at 9 months! HA. KATIE IS TINY. She and Holly BOTH wore 18 months size the other day. Holly got the tall gene from SOMEONE, just not me, or my husband, or his parents, or mine… hmmm, if it wasn’t for the fact she looks so much like me, and everyone says so, I may think I took home the wrong baby! LOL. So anyway. Holly will start crawling, normal speed, then all of a sudden TAKE off like a freaking bat outta hell and RUN crawl and plow straight into her sister and knock her over, then just start CRACKING UP.  Of course, that in turn makes katie laugh, so then they wrestle each other and giggle the whole time. Its cute. It just may not be once Holly actually IS bigger than Katie… and that day is fast approaching. Holly will be the “big” sister very soon. LOL.

SO! her attitude. Holly has her own timetable, like most babies, but holly has this little diva attitude that says “NO ONE WILL MAKE ME DO WHAT I DON’T WANT TO DO!” She refuses, I mean REFUSES to clap. I try and play patty cake with her, and she gives me this look like “Mom, this game again? this was SO last year. I am a 2010 baby, NOT a 2009 baby” and I swear she rolls her eyes at me already. yikes. lol. She has done ONE clap folks. ONE pitiful clap. Ok, she did one clap one day, the other day she actually did it twice…. anyway, so she did it, while appearing to roll her eyes, like “ok see mom? i can do it, I just dont like it and I dont want to. you happy now?” Then she flails her arms up, shoots me this look like “SEE YA LATER SUCKA!!!!” and run crawls off again, usually to torment the dog….She has also attempted to bang objects together, which goes SLIGHTLY better than clapping, because at least it gives the appearence of being somewhat destructive an all. SO she does do that sometimes. Usually she will bang it, say 4 times, before rolling her eyes, then THROWING the toys in her hands, give me the “SEE YA SUCKA” look again and leave to find something else she can REALLY destroy. I swear she taunts me. She give this look while shes  freely standing there, alone and unassited, and starts looking like shes gonna walk, like bouncing even, preparing, then looks at me again smiles and sits down haha – crazy baby 🙂

OK OK. So poor holly. She is a sweetie. She really is. So happy. SO giggly. LOVES life. LOVES LOVES LOVES her big sister, and I guess she loves me too 😉 just not as much as her big sister. She does have the nickname “holly” terror though :p


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