Hey! What’s Shaking?

ME! THATS WHO! I am sure many of you already know… we were in an earthquake today! IT. WAS. CA-RAZY! It was my first earthquake experience. EVER. I have been in hurricanes. I have been through severe storms. I have been through tornados. I  have been through hail. I was almost even struck by lightning! Yes. That was intense. Yikes. However. THIS. MAY. TOP. THEM. ALL. I honestly didnt’ know what the crap was going on! I was so freaked out I almost peed my pants! It was around 2:07 pm, I believe. Yes, I am a clock whore. I look to see what time it is. A. LOT. I dont know why, but I do :/ Anyways. The girls had  been napping about an hour. Little miss thang, Holly, 9 months, has decided she will sleep like 13-14 hrs a night (YAY FOR ME) but then only take 1 nap. Fine! its easier on my really. However, that means, She NEEDS that nap, or the afternoon.. WILL. BE. HELL. She is already a little terror in the making, lets not add fuel to the fire. So yup. Thats why I looked at the clock. Whenver ANYTHING happens, I just look to see what time it is. I am wierd. We know this…

Ok, so let me break it down for you:

Its naptime. That means, ME TIME. I was hanging out on the sofa (which is by a wall, which, i guess most people do , hmm, anyway) feet up and my laptop on my lap (which burns the heck outta me, so I have to use Katies search and find winnie the pooh in order for it not to SINGE my skin off. Yes. it has serious issues). I was watching an awesome show, Ghost Adventures, on Netflix. Can I just say how much I LOVE NETFLIX!? Netflix? Are you reading this!? I will tag your big pretty red behind so you do… I LOVE YOU!!! NOW? does that give me a free month, or 2, or year? 😉 haha… The show was getting pretty intense, when I begin feeling small vibrations. My first thought was. Emily. You are making this up. you are freaking yourself out with this ghost business. GET OVER YOURSELF. Well, then the shaking started getting more intense, but still minor. I mean, our apt bldg ALWAYS has noise, people banging, dropping stuff, running their stuff into walls, etc… and with the bldg made of concrete, stuff carries, AND sometimes shakes the floor. We also got notice they are renovating an apt down the hall, so I thought, hmm maybe thats what it is. Well, THEN, the sofa started like REALLY shaking, like violently. I then REALLY freaked out thinking my apt was haunted or evil was tauting me for watchin this show! LOL. Well then the wall started shaking. I was like ummm this is NOT normal. OMG I AM GOING TO DIE, i am going to FALL through the floor. Then, the bookcases started going and things began falling and going crooked on the wall. Then, the WHOLE. DANG. BUILDING. started shaking! at that point, I think my instinct must have kicked in, cause I ran to the bathroom and stood in the doorway. Why did i do this? I dont know. I have never been in an earthquake, nor was I even sure thats what was going on. Part of me still thought the building was collapsing or something, or we were being bombed or something else really scary :/ when the shaking was finally over. Yes. It was only maybe 20 seconds at most, but it felt like FOREVER… I went into the hallway and people were running around like chicken with their heads cut off (now I get that phrase, because that is EXACTLY what it was like) It was chaos. PURE. CHAOS. I have never seen anything like it! Everyone was shouting, WHAT THE HE** is going on!? ARE WE FALLING? WHAT WAS THAT!?

I came back in and sat down. I was STILL shaking and freaking out. I was not sure what had just happened. Then, I got a text from Andrew that he had felt it. I knew it had been an earthquake. He was checking on us. We were fine. Heck, the girls never even woke up. Well, i take that back… Katie informed me later the shaking woke her up, but it was like her princess kai lan video, so she just went back to sleep. I said WHAT!? why didnt ‘you call for me? She looked at me, rolled her eyes and said “MOM! Geez, it wasn’t scary!” lol! Shes something else that one… When she did wake from nap (2.5 hours later lol) I walked in to find a ceramic hanging cross LAYING in her bed! right next to her head. I said a prayer thanking the Good Lord that didnt’ land on her head. OMG. I will NOT be hanging that up again any time soon. maybe NEVER! EEK!

So, wow. that was SOME day! I am still a bit shaken up, and in shock about what happened. Talk about AFTER shock!? LOL…

In this case, I have to disagree with james bond, I would much rather be stirred, NOT shaken. I don’t want to be shaken again for A. LONG. TIME.  But hey, I guess I can cross “experience an earthquake” off my list of things to do before I die! NOW, I just need to do the next one on the list… cage dive wtih great white sharks!!! hmm though I would probably most DEFINITELY be shaken there…


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