“Potty” People

If you listen to the radio, I am sure you have heard the song “party people” by J Lo and some rapper guy whose name i cant recal right now lol…. Anyway, the beginning of the song J Lo is half singing, half talking, half i dont really know what, but she says something like  “all my party people get on the floor” and then the whole song is about dancing etc. Well this came on in the car and Katie, her cute self, said POTTY PEOPLE!? I GO POTTY SOMETIMES!” Andrew and I, of course, busted out laughing. Now, I can see why she thought that, because listening to the rest of the song, it DID sound like she was saying POTTY not PARTY. Thats what I hate about most music today, you cant understand a dang thing they are saying! You either a) cant understand what they are saying or b)you DO understand what they are saying and realize it is the DUMBEST. MOST LAME. LYRICS. EVER… for example. WHO THEY HECK writes a song about a California King Bed!? REALLY!? well, apparantly Rhianna, thats who.  I am sorry if I am offending those who like this song, but really? When I heard California King bed in a lyrical sounding SERIOUS song, I about peed my pants. IT. IS. THAT. LAME. I either about peed myself or wanted to purposely bust out my own ear drums so I didnt’ have to listen to the nonsense anymore, but then I remember phew, i can just change the station… lol. Sadly, alot of songs are just PLAIN. DUMB. And, again, no offense to those who listen to it, perhaps you have a better station where you are, but here, our Christian music station… well… sucks. It is SO cheesy! And we wonder why people would rather listen to Brittany Spears sing about needing release, Katy Perry kissing girls, Rhianna doing who knows what in her bed, or Eminem rapping about his anger managment problem. Truthfully? When I first heard that new Rhianna song, the first thing that popped into my mind was, wow, this sounds like something on the cheesy Christian music station. LOL. My husband agreed. Music in general lately is just. PLAIN. BAD. I like some of the music in the backgrounds but even “acceptable” lyrics lately are kinda cheesy and lame and a waste of my time.  To be honest, I am SURE I will get scolded, but sadly, Lady Gaga, is well….actually talented. Too bad her words arent the most wholesome, but even still, I DO listen to some of her stuff. ok. you can feel free to scourge me now.

So now, sadly, I dont usually listen to music. I have all these cd’s, an mp3 player, an iPhone that has one built into it, and what do I have on them? NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. Now what I do know? Ask me the lyrics of Father Abraham, Head and Shoulders Knees and toes, the “Ni Hao Kai Lan” or  “Dora”,and I can bust those out faster than you can say “A gimp spider only has 6 legs” (hmm. if this is true, does that him an insect now? hmm) BAM! oh, you can throw the “adams family” theme song in there too, because thats the ONLY song that will get Holly (9 months) to eat when shes being a pill. Weird. I know, but then again, look at  who her mom is. lol. my poor children. ANYWAY….

Well, truth be told, I memorize fast. I remember things even when I dont think I do. I will randomly start singing the words to a song and my husband just stares at me in shock and says HOW DO YOU DO THAT!? I said, I dunno, they just came back to me. I recently picked a song to sing for church I hadn’t sung in probably over 10 years.  My first run through I sang all the words. correctly. Maybe I should see if I can be on “Dont forget the lyrics” and use this awesome ability I have to good use, and win some cash! CHA CHING! Course that would be the ONE time I actually couldn’t remember the lyrics, OR Wayne Brady with his crazy smile would announce happily and excited that my 100,000 song, or whatever the highest one you can get to is, would be “california king bed” by Rhianna. Yup. That would be my luck… lol

Ok. SO. WOW. This blog just went TOTALLY off of what I was going to write about. I was just gonna do the potty people play on words, then right about how Katie had her 3rd birthday party today, but yeah… this was WAY more entertaining, both for me to write and for you to read

Now, speaking of potty…..


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