STOP! It’s NOT time for cleaning!

A little while ago on my facebook page, I talked about how I don’t clean during the girls nap. When both my girls are down at the same time, IT’S ON. well, OFF, rather, lol. It is NOT time for cleaning. It’s NOT time for cooking. It’s NOT time for doing things that entail me as a wife or mom. Sorry, but thats my rule, and I do my best to follow it 90% of the time, unless it is REALLY necessary. MOST things, however, can be done WHILE the kids are awake. YUP. I said it. While they are awake. People were in shock that I actually clean while the girls are awake. I am sorry, but I need a BREAK too. All moms do. If you are either being a wife OR mother 24/7 you will DIE. well not REALLY but you know what I mean. It will make you HATE those jobs, you will be too tired to even ENJOY them. You may THINK you can handle it, but sorry. You can’t. Even GOD rested lol. So, if God needs a rest, I am pretty sure we do as well. While being a mom and wife are important, what about being the WOMAN God designed you to be. I mean we were that woman before we became a wife OR mother. It is not good, smart, or wise to forget about THAT woman. God gave us passions for a reason. If you enjoy sewing, do THAT during nap. If you enjoy studying something and learning something that YOU want to learn, do that – and researching things about kids is OFF limits. LOL. Nothing to MAKE you worry more haha. I know this may sound harsh, but its the TRUTH and the truth can be  hard to hear at times. For those of you mothers who work as well, ok, I can understand needing to get certian things done, but make sure you save SOME of their naptime for YOU ok?  People ask HOW I clean with the kids awake…umm…I just DO IT. My kids have gotten used (or getting used to) to learning how to play independently. I put Holly in the jumperoo, katie plays alone in her room, or I let her watch a video. OH another no – no… a VIDEO… SUE me… lol

I also have a system. I split up my cleaning into 20-30 min segments. I get what done I need to do, they learn independence (which is VERY important) NEWFLASH! your kids do not NEED you hovering 24/7. In fact it is NOT good for them. You WANT your kid to learn independence. Do you really WANT your kid to have to have to be around you all the time, and never learn how to do things for themself? This is something MANY experienced mothers told me before my first daughter was born and it was the BEST advice/gift anyone could have given me. I LOVE my girls. i spend PLENTY of time wtih them. I am giving them a gift as well when I encourage independent play! So just STOP. STOP FEELING GUILTY. and STOP playing with them ALL the time, and get things done so that YOU get a break. Also, its GOOD for your kids to SEE you working, it will teach them about being a homemaker, or have the boys RESPECT their future wives as homemakers. GET them involved. you can get ANY age kid. I let holly sit next to me when I clean sometimes and just talk to her abotu what I am doing! Katie, who is almost 3 has been helping in simple ways since she was 2. By splitting up cleaning sessions to 20-30 min at a time, its enough time for me to get something done, but not TOO much time to expect kids to play alone – cause no, they cant for HOURS, but for 20-30 min they can manage, i promise, they wont explode. They wont hate you. They wont think you dont love them or dont care for them.

Also, as moms, you HAVE to let go of a certain level of clean. STOP the perfectionism!!! You cannot POSSIBLY need to clean something ALL day, EVERY day. Choose 2-3 times a year to do DEEP cleaning- Other than that, just do normal cleaning which can EASILY be split up and done in reasonable amounts of time!

Vacuuming: doesn’t take THAT long. Do a couple rooms each day. Or do the whole house once a week on a chosen day

Dusting: the “older” young kids can help with this! again, split up dusting to a couple days a week and split it up, doing a few rooms a day, or if you have moer than one level, one floor a day. dust every other week. Its fine. REALLY it is.

Bathroom: Once a week, or once every other week.

Kitchen: I usually clean up the kitchen daily, and wipe counters after each meal.

THOSE are the basic things that need to be done. Do ONE cleaning a day. So say, Monday is your dusting day. Tuesday is vaccuming day. Wednesday is bathroom day… you get the idea! 🙂 Do it in the mornings when the kids are more happy. If they are young then bring them with you, sit them in a bouncy or jumperoo and talk to them while you clean. If they are older but not old enough to help, it can be their special time to watch their favorite show, OR just play independently.

There ya have it! 🙂 It is REALLY improtant to have YOU time. REALLY, it is. NO one can do it all. If you try, you will get so burned out, you will be cranky and do WORSE as a mom and wife, then if you get the proper rest. If you are rested, take time to refresh yourself, take TIME for yourself, you WILL be better at everything God calls you to be. So, let go a little. let got of perfectionism. just DO IT. you will be glad, and you will realize your house really does not looks AWFUL, DIRTY and DISGUSTING, like you KNOW you are afraid it will… promise! So take an hour for yourself a day, you will thank me for it…your husband will…your kids will…


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