at a loss

It’s been a week since i have written a blog. LOL. I lose track of time so badly sometimes, haha. I have REALLY been wanting to write a few a week. Some weeks I do great, some, hmm not so much! But at least its more often than monthly lol. i guess right now I am just at a loss of what to write about. Honestly, the only thing going on the past couple of weeks have been sneezing, snot, puke and crankiness. OK some of that crankines comes from me 😛 The girls have actually been GREAT considering. I had a cold last week, I think i caught it from Holly, Katies 2 year molars are coming in, albeit when shes almost 3, haha, and Holly MAY be teething, I cant tell. She has many symptoms of it, but I don’t see anything yet. SO! only time will tell. I guess something that has been on my mind lately is

Do you LOVE the JOB of motherhood?

I would not question any of the mothers I know LOVING their kids, or loving “BEING” a mom – but loving the JOB of motherhood is completely differant. I am in a study right now that (hopefilly, and it does from what I have heard) will help going from just loving being a mom, to loving the JOB of it. I DO love being a mom. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I see college kids walking around, or newly married people, or single people – and to be honest, I am GLAD I am out of that stage 🙂 There is nothing better than being a mom. Do I LOVE the JOB of it? Honestly, not always. I dont like cleaning up puke. I dont like washing puke out of clothes, the carpet, the chairs, hair, ME…lol. I dont like the meltdowns. I don’t like the whinefests. I don’t “like” alot of things sometimes, I dont like the mundane…but I want this attitude to change. I dont think anyone has to LOVE changing poopy diapers, but we can look at it from a positive perspective more often than we do. We GET to change the cutest, most adorable, and a blessing’s hiney, because they NEED us. They LOVE us. They DEPEND on us. Our children depend on us, and ANYTHING we can do to help them in life should be seen as an honor to do. I depend on people. We ALL depend on SOMEONE. It is an honor to have somoene DEPEND on you. It really is. Now, dont get me wrong, I am still learning – but I am TRYING. Last night, Katie woke up in the middle of the night. I could have gotten annoyed and upset becuase she disrupted our sleep, which i never did sleep well after that at midnight, but I didn’t. I CHOSE to see it as my sweetie pie needed me, and she CALLED out for me. I took it as a chance to see my sweet princess when she is probably at her most vulnerable. She was scared. She needed me. I chose to take that as a HUGE blessing 🙂 I mean, I got to hug, kiss, squeeze, love on, and be with again, and shes just SO cute in her bed! Who wouldnt’ like that!? I am not saying I dont encourage her to go back to sleep, lol, I am not crazy, haha, but I DID chose to view the wake up as a chance to give MORE love, MORE care, MORE of Jesus to my child – and ANYTIME I can do that is important AND a blessing! 🙂 SO I am looking forward to doing more of this study and learning more. It is already helping me feel less overwhelmed if things get a little messy around here, and THAT is a HUGE feat for me! 🙂


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