Listen WITH your heart

When I wrote this blog title, the hit 80’s song ,”Listen to your heart” started playing in the background of my head, lol. That was a good song, now I am gonna have to go Youtube it… ok anyway!

This blog may seem a little weird. I promise I am NOT crazy, at least not in THAT way, lol. Most of the time we need to listen with our ears, but sometimes the MOST important thing we can listen with is our heart. I have blogged before about how our home church, Valley Baptist, is really trying to get people to understand LOVE LIKE JESUS. Listening with your heart is something Jesus did EVERYDAY. Yes, he listening with his ears, but listening with your heart requires you to be in tune with your Father, our Lord, God, so that we can HEAR if He is calling us to speak to them, help them, share with them, serve them, love them, etc. If we have our ears open, but our hearts closed, we will NEVER be able to love like Jesus. My husband wrote an AWESOME spirital gifts inventory. If you want to take it, CLICK HERE When I took this inventory, I was actually not suprised to find I scored highest in discernment. I have always felt that I could “hear” with my heart sometimes, or that I was able to understand people well, HEAR wha they needed before they said it, or even SENSE the trueness of someone and whether they were being genuine. This inventory helped me though, to FULLY understand this gift I was given and how to best use this gift. I also scored high in removing spirital forces, which I was a little freaked about that, BUT I guess it goes hand in hand with discernment. I  have seen spiritual forces at work before, SENSED evil presences, etc. At first when I realized I had this gift it scared me, but God helped me realized He wouldn’t have given me a gift if He didn’t think I was capable of using it. Plus, God is always with me! Moving here has helped me begin using this gift in a differant way… this is where listening with your heart comes into play.

Lately when I am out walking, shopping, driving around, its almost like I am HEARING peoples thoughts. Ok, I know this sounds crazy. It isn’t every person, but sometimes I will see a particular person and get a SUPER strong sense of what they are going through in life, or something SO precise and that comes to my heart with such clarity, there is NO way I am just “making it up”. I know that the Lord must have put it there, and He is using my discernment to hear the needs or struggles of those around me. This has recently just begun happening, and at first, it DID freak me out. To be honest, I thought I WAS going crazy, hearing voices, and I felt like a FREAK. God really calmed my heart though and assured me that it was HIM speaking to me through and using my gifts!  But now, I can tell when I shoud talk to someone, or God is only calling me to pray for them. I am excited to see how God continues to use this. I pray EVERY day that I can make an impact in someones life. That they will know God loves them. God uses all of us in unique and differant ways for His glory. are YOU open to it? No matter if it seems freaky, scary, like something from a movie, something that can’t possibly be real…with God, you DONT need to be afraid. He has equipped ALL of us with gifts. We ALL have gifts. I highly encourage you to take that inventory and find out what your gifts are, then PRAY, pray with an earnest heart, that God would use those to the fullest! It may be scary at first, but with God, we can do anything! I am REALLY trying to use these gifts to love like Jesus. I fail many times, I know, but I do pray that when the end of my life comes, that I truly impacted the world for God’s glory and for His kingdom. THAT is what is most important. NOT where we live, how big our house is, if its old or new, if its outdated or remodeled, if we have a cheap car, no car, or luxery car…IT DOESNT MATTER! We cant take ANY of it with us. I really believe if we as Christians put HALF the energy into using our gifts to reach others for Christ that we do in trying to “accomplish things” or “one up the Joneses’ etc… WOW what a TREMENDOUS differnece we can make! It would be SCARY!!!


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