Limiting our Freedom (from my daily reading)

This is from my daily Bible reading. I have an iPhone app 🙂 I have chosen the parenting daily reading plan. While this is about parenting your children, I think today’s reading has some great points to apply to ANY non Christian, new Christian, or Christian just struggling with certain things in their life (like me with worry, Andrew, and my friends and family, treat this topic differantly around me than they normally would, so that their actions dont MAKE me worry more)The verse for the day is 1 Cortinthians 8:9

“But take care that this right of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak…”

Many people believe a “good” Christian lives by many rules. In fact, the opposite is true. A strong believer doesn’t need a lot of rules. He needs only a few guiding Biblical principles he can apply to any situation. It is actually the weaker Christian who needs more rules because he doesnt’ have the wisdom and discernment necessary to apply God’s principles to difficult situations.

But, a strong Christian may give up some freedom and allow more restrictive rules so a weaker Christian will not misinterpret his actions. In parenting, we might consider staying away from activities that could become stumbling blocks when seen through our kids’ immature eyes. This passage should influence our choices about alcohol, movies we watch, the jokes we tell. Although we might be able to maintain a healthy balance, we don’t know where our kids may be especially vulvernable to temptation. We should sacrifice some of our privileges until our kids have the maturity to know when, where and why to asbtain.

Being a good example may require you to give up some of your freedom until your children are wise enough to exercise the same discretion.

from: Parenting by Daily Design Devotional



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