Fun in the Sun

So this isn’t really a big deal blog, but we went to the pool for the first time this year today 🙂 It was also Holly’s first time at the pool. She LOVES bathtime, so I figured shed love the pool too…well with all the rain we have had lately the pool water was FuhREEZING! Poor Katie had a new turtle intertube that she DESPERATELY wanted to try out, but the poor kid was shivering so bad I thought her teeth were gonna fall right out. Andrew and I would ask her if she was ok and shed say, through chattering teeth, Yes mommy I wanna stay and play wtih my turtle floatee! Ok, whatever you say. We didn’t let her stay in there long, I mean it was THAT cold. SOOOOO needless to say I did NOT let Holly in the water. She sure looked darn cute in her swimsuit though, if I do say so myself – that I scored on sale for 6 bucks at babies r us. Katie picked her suit out this year and she did GREAT. It is so cute and she looks adorable in it… again, if I do say so myself 😛 Here are a few pics of the occassion!




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