Momma’s Day = Love your children day

Today is Mother’s Day. I know that its a day your husband and kids are supposed to shower you with love, affection, hugs and kisses, appreciation, and maybe some chocolate and flowers. I DID get a REALLY sweet card from my husband, one my daughther colored and Trader Joe’s Dark Covered Expresso beans! OMG they are HEAVEN! YUM. Anyway. I have been thinking this morning. I think us moms should be the one to be showering affection, hugs and kisses and appreciaton today. I am so blessed to BE a mom. I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for trusting me with these 2 precious girls. Now, I LOVE all the affection showerd on me today 😉 BUT I also realize I am BLESSED undeservingly by BEING a mother.

I know that being a mom is HARD. It is stressful, time confusing, frustrating, exhausting, dirty, haha, and more. However, it is also wonderful, fun, exciting, adverterous, exhilerating, marvelous, and I could go on 🙂 My children fill my life with love, joy, and laughter in a way I dont think anyone else could.

So today! I want to say “happy ‘your mother loves you’ day” to my girls! 🙂 I am sooooo blessed. Thank you Lord for blessing me with a wonderful family!!!!


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