dumb worries

ok moms! Admit it. We ALL have dumb worries πŸ˜‰ since I apologize earlier to my hubs about this kind of things, I figured I would write a blog posting some of my dumb worries….so you can either agree, understand or just outright laugh at me πŸ˜‰ haha – and PLEASE tell me some of your dumbest mom worries! I am ranking them. 1 star = just a little dumb. 5 stars = a LOT dumb – hahaha join in the fun! And let me add, I can only write these because I REALIZE they were dumb and am no longer worrying (ok MOST of the time anyway) about such things. What better way to get it outta my system than to make fun of myself? Making fun of oneself is GREAT therapy!

1) Katie loves having meltdowns about weird thing – like taking her shoes off – so I have “worried” that she will NEVER learn to take them off. Ok really emily? NEVER? come on. I have NEVER (haha appropriate here) known a high school kid, heck even upper elementary or junior high kid, NOT know how to take off his/her shoes! THIS IS DUMB! 4 stars!

2) Thinking just because we have ONE off day of early wake ups, etc…that it will become the NEW norm. uhhh yeah. dumb. 5 stars!

3) Katie is a SLOW teether, I mean SLOW, like slower than a stinkin turtle, slow. More like a snail, or maybe even slower. There was a time I actually worried she was MISSING teeth. LOL. that is pretty rare. I even took her to a dentist because I thought she was missing her front teeth! LOL! So, since kids really CAN sometimes miss teeth, I rate this as 3 stars…lol

4) Worrying your kid will never sleep – uhhh this one is REALLY dumb, though in the moment, it may FEEL this way, unless your child is a alien or some other life form, it would be pretty much impossible for them NOT to EVER sleep. Now, i didn’t say sleep GREAT…lol…I just said SLEEP πŸ™‚ 5 stars

5) Thinking because your baby has a “low eating” day she will become dehydrated or lose weight or NEVER eat again, etc. I admit, I only worry about this becuase it DID happen with Katie as a baby (but that leads to a whole other dicussion about how I need to let go and NOT compare…) ANYWAY, this one is a little silly. JUSTIFIED somewhat, but silly, none the less – 2 stars? 3 starts? though I have a few friends I am SURE would tell me this one is 5 stars considering Holly was 5 weeks early, got down to 4.5 lbs and is now (at 4 months) 14 lbs!!! LOL Yes, shes my little chubby bunny πŸ™‚

6) worrying your kids dont love you – this one is a common one, i am sure, but moms, we really do NOT need to worry about this one! our kids LOVE us!!!!! i mean, why wouldn’t they? WE ROCK! πŸ™‚ SO, I give this one 2.5 stars…because although silly, it is a struggle for many i think

I have SO many dumb worries, wow, I cannot even remember them all. I am so thankful that God has filled me with HIS peace and grace lately, well, I know he was offering it all along, but until recently, I was choosing to be an anxious nervous wreck – NOT good for anyone! Moms, lets not worry ok? Lets leave our kids in God’s hands. Lets just do our best to follow HIS will and love them, raise them in HIS love and word, and leave the rest to God – we can have concerns, I am not saying that, part of our motherly instinct GOd gave us is to recogize and sense when something is “off”, but we can be concered, we should never WORRY. Concern is ok, and you can still react wisely, worry makes you react hastily and out of fear and respond irrationally usually!

There are some of mine – what are yours?


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