Taming the Tantrums

Ok. So, everyone said that 2’s are bad…It even has a phrase of the “terrible twos”…HOWEVER, i am reading that the 2s cant even hold a candle to the threes. LORD JESUS HAVE MERCY HELP ME! There are days I dont think I will make it with my 2.5 year old  and her tantrums and whining, unless I have some of it myself, and you know what kind of “whine” I am talking about ladies! HAHA! Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Katie more than words could possible describe. I want more kids! I LOVE kids, I even LOVE this age! But the whining, the tantrums, the meltdowns for no apparant reason, the backtalk, and did I mention the whining, is enough to drive even the sanist of people over the edge! LOL! Katie’s thing lately is saying “no no no no, wait a minute! leave me alone!”  if she is mad or doesn’t want to do something, etc…Now, 8 times outta 10 she is a cooperative, loving, pleasent and all around good natured CUTE girl…but man, when that other 2 hits…all hell breaks loose! HAHA, and often times for the WIERDEST of reason! today she  had an 1.5hr long meltdown. thats right. I wrote HOUR AND A HALF folks, an HOUR AND A HALF long episide over what? SHOES!? SHOES!!!!! who has a meltdown over shoes!? apparantly my toddler does, thats who! LOL! 🙂 I got frustrated, she got frustrated and it got worse. I finally decided, you know what Katie, you can sit in your room if you are going to be this way. SO, there she went. Everytime i tried to go calm her, she would start the WHOLE. SCREAMING. CRYING. HYSTERICS. ALL OVER AGAIN. LOL. Thank the good Lord she finally calmed down! HOW? I put her outside in the rain! LOL! Now, before you go make accusastions and tell me I am abusive or need to be on Dr Phil families, or jerry springer let me explain…

We had Holly’s 4 month appt today. Afterward, we stopped by target. Mommy needed some ummmm mommy things…and Katie need a raincoat and rainboots. It rains a lot here sometimes, and we have a dog to walk, we oftentimes walk to the bookstore or library, so I wanted Katie to have something to keep her dry, so we were not contained to the house over a little drizzle…SO! i thought she would be ALL excited. For THREE days folks, Katie was talking about wanting the Hello Kitty Rainboots she saw at Target, her FAVORITE store (yup they definately didn’t mix her up in the hospital, shes 100% mine, lol). So, I got them home. We arrived home at 10am. She wanted to wear them. She had on her glitter sneakers. Lately, katie has REFUSED, I mean REFUSED to try and take her shoes off by herself. I was in the kitchen cleaning things up from the morning and CALMY, may I repeat CALMLY, said ok katie we can put your rainboots on, can you go take your sneakers off?” Well, she FLOPPED herself on the floor and the waterworks started. This was NOT the ordinary toddler tears. It was a torential downpour – which was convienient, since it was doing the same thing outside – and she was NOT letting up. I tried to HELP her, but she started getting SO upset she hypervenilated. ok. this is weird. she has never done this before, i thought to myself. I tried to calm her down, but that only seemed to make things worse. She was NOT letting up. Her torential downpour has now escalated to a tsunami. The flailing was like a fish flopping around out of the water. I TRIED and TRIED and TRIED to calm her down. I was getting mad. REALLY mad. SO, I picked her up, said katie we do not throw tantrums, set her in her room and walked away. I left her for a few mins. I no logner her hysterics, only the gulping for breath sound that toddler continue doing after a long drawn out crying fit. Well, her shoes are STILL ON by the way. She wants them off, but yet again, she will not try. I try and help and that only made her mad. So again, the torential tsunami type downpour starts again. OH MY LORD JESUS HELP ME PLEASE, I am praying. I love Katie, and dont get me wrong, shes had tantrums before, but to this magnitude? NO. I was at a total loss. She started throwing a fit again. I tried holding her, I tried calming her it wasn’t working. So, I left again, and again, and again…AND again. This went on for 1.5HR!!!!!! OMG! I watch supernanny and see the kids that keep being put in timeout and it takes them 2 hours to complete a lousy 5 min timeout thinking to myself, thats a LONG time, wow that kids a brat. WELL, yes, that was MY kid today! I admit. I seriously wanted to SCREAM, but I didn’t. I wanted to pull my hair out, but then realized I didnt just give myself these AWESOME bangs and come to grips with my naturally curly (frizzy lol) hair, only to pull them out in 5 min. Yes 5 min, I dont have much hair, it woudn’t have taken long. I wanted to jump off the balcony, but realized that while Katie has AWESOME hello kitty rainboots (which are STILL in the bag by the way and I almost wanted to take back she was acting so nuts) and a matching polka dotted raincoat, I did NOT have either of those things, so again I didnt’ want to mess up my awesome new bangs. So, I refrained from that as well. instead, I took a breath, and “vented” to some friends. THANK YOU LORD FOR MOMMY FRIENDS!!!! Finally, after an…you got it…hour and a half…she finally was calmer. She then, of course, took her shoes of, ALONE, put her new boots on her and her raincoat, and off to the balcony she went. Within 5 min she was happy, laughing, jumping etc, as if NOTHING had EVER happened. So while I am still trying to get a handle on what the HECK just happened, my daughter is out there acting like shes a total angel 100% of the time.  It kinda felt like the aftermath of a tornado. Totally calm and peaceful, but there is debree and junk ALL over I still gotta clean up. LOL!  OH MY GOSH.I LOVE that girl! She drives me nuts sometimes, but Lord knows I love her! 🙂 SO! there you have it! I put her in the rain and she was happy. So, next time your toddler has a horrendous tantrum…

get some rainboots and a raincoat and then PRAY for rain! 🙂

*disclaimer: I love my Katie. She is frustrating at times yes, but I love her more than words can express. I am NOT complaning. I am only trying to make light of a trying situation in hopes it will help other moms realize we ALL go through them and feel totally helpless sometimes when our toddler acts out


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