snot, sneezes and snuggles

Us girls have been sick. I honestly dont know which one of us started it! You gotta love how families share EVERYTHING…even sicknesses. However, I would have REALLY preferred Katie NOT to share her stomach bug that she shared with me several months ago. I totally got the raw end of the deal there! What is it about kids? I swear when they get sick, they are like EHH i am sick but I can still wreak havoc on your life BUHAHAHAHA, lol, (sometimes! haha) but it us parents catch the SAME thing they had we feel like we just want to curl up and die? When Katie got that stomach bug, she threw up THREE times, that was it! THREE times, then she fell asleep and was fine by the next day! WHAT!? NOT FAIR! Ok, so when i got it, I thought, ok, well it wasn’t TOO bad…no, oh it was bad for me. I threw up AT LEAST 8 times and was sick for THREE days!? THREE DAYS!? Ok, tell me in what universe THAT is fair! HAHA. So, we have all been “sharing” a cold. I woke up with a scratchy throat again, I am PRAYING to God almighty that we are not REsharing this virus and starting the dreadful boogery cycle ALL over again. We have had A LOT, I mean A LOT, of snot and sneezes lately. HOWEVER, as return, I have also gotten lots of snuggles 🙂 That is the ONE good thing about your kids being sick, they LOVE to snuggle 🙂 I like to think of it as God’s way of blessing us, because he KNOWS taking care of sick little ones isn’t always easy, and plus  he knows how viruses work….SOOOOO he is giving us some extra snuggles from our kiddies before we feel like we want to puke our guts out, blow our noses off, cough our lungs up, or feel like our throat is on fire. So the past 2 weeks we have been sharing this LOVELY cold! Holly has it now, poor thing. She is still happy, but poor thing is having a hard time eating (and we were already struggling with it before hand, which is a WHOLE other blog). Katie didnt’ get it THAT bad actually! I think its all the orange juice I practically funneled down her throat when I was sick 🙂 I mean really, everyone tells you, DONT LET YOUR KIDS GET SICK, when you get the least little sniffle. BUT REALLY!? SERIOUSLY!? Telll me, HOW, on God’s green earth that is REALLY possible!? Between changing poopy diapers, putting kids down for nap, getting kids lunches ready, FEEDING the kids, taking your potty training kid to the bathroom, bathtime, bedtime, AND the fact that your oldest kids REALLY dont get the “please dont kiss baby on her vulneralbe, but ADORALBE, little mouth” SOOOOO yea….If any of you mom’s know how to keep your kids from getting sick, once YOU are sick, please, for the LOVE tell me your secret? I have yet to discover it! I guess I could be totally rocking awesome and super stylish and wear one of those doctor masks! However, its a little hard to understand them when they talk to you, so I really dont want “Katie, go pick up your toys” to sound like “Katie, go pick up some boys” or something like that! HAHA – So, needless to say, I haven’t gone that route. My amazing husband stayed home my worst sick day, but apparantly that wasn’t enough to keep little Holly from catching my whatever it was I had. This is a SCARY season for getting sick too! I have know several friends whose kids have ended up with RSV, so I am CAREFULLY watching sweet Holly and Katie CLOSELY! So far they both seem their content, happy, but “snotty” selves! 😉 I just hope it STAYS that way! Well, to be honest, I could do with the snot… 🙂


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