some people just don’t get it

Before I start this blog, I am warning you that it is a bit of a rant. It is a bit of a soapbox. I also admit, I am sometimes speaking about myself. When I say that some people just don’t get it, I am referring to Christians. Yup. Christians. Some of us just DON’T get it! I think all of us fall into this catergory at times to be honest. I am blessed enough to be involved with a group of people at church that are really TRYING to make a change. I hope and pray the rest of the church follows :/ There are may there I know will and have been PRAYING for a group like this this to come for years, but I also know there are many who are hesitant. However, I really believe most of the church wants change, they WANT to live the type of Christian life that Jesus lived. The desire to love like Jesus, live like Jesus, serve like Jesus. . .they just don’t know how! Whose fault is that? ummm ours! WE, as Christians, to be honest, SUCK sometimes at loving like Jesus and telling others how to do the same. We become so focus on the rules, regulations, traditions, etc. . .that we forget about the love part. We are so focused on the sin, we forget that SINNERS were the kinds of people that Jesus hung out with! And folks, I  hate to break it to you. . .umm we are ALL sinners. One sin is NOT worse than another sin. However, we are christians sometimes like to rank sins. We like to think, well Sam is into drugs, I only have a drinking problem, he is for sure worse than me. I am ok. umm no. We are ALL sinners. We ALL need Jesus’ love and grace and mercy. We need to remember what we HAVE in Christ and share it with everyone. We need to break out of our clean little bubble world and get dirty. We need to hang with the kinds of people Jesus hung out with and share with them, love them, serve them, show them GRACE, love, mercy – and through that, they will realize WHO Jesus is, WHAT he is about and WHY he wants a relationship with them and HOW they can get it and change their life! It is SOOOO awesome when you think about it! I think we take it for grantid sometimes. Really, some people just don’t get it, its like we sometimes think certain people or types of “sinner” are unworthy of Christ’s redemption. We are too scared to share with them for fear of us looking bad of hurting our reputation. We have ALL done this! We judge by appearance, by lifestyle, by career, by where they live, etc. . .rather than just viewing ALL people as those worthy to be shown the same grace we were shown, that they are worth the time and effort to share the gospel with, show love to, befriend, serve, and hopefully bring into a relationship with Christ! Rememeber Christ hung out with the lowest of low, the outcast, the unlovable, etc. . .people like prostitutes, drunks, adulterors, homosexuals (GASP! Yes, we are REALLY awful about sharing and loving them, it makes me sick actually) Anyway, this is my rant. I really hope and pray that we can all “GET IT” one day, that we can REALLY learn what it means to love like Jesus. The Lord knows I am not perfect, but I am really working on it. I was once worthless, but Christ gave me worth. I was once ugly, but Christ made me beautiful, I was once dirty, but Christ made me clean, I was once hopeless, but Christ gave me hope, I was once weary, but Christ gave me strength, I was once depressed, but Christ gave me hope. . .we need to remember we are ALL sinner, we are ALL  desperate for Christ, we all NEED Christ, and Christ desires that ALL should come to him, so lets get out there, get dirty, love like Him, serve like Him, and bring all of those people TOO him! God Bless!


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