So, this past week I actually finished a book I wanted to read, FOR FUN! I know it sounds stupid, but it was QUITE the accomplishment for me, since I have hardly had time to pee by myself in the last 2.5 years, much less pick up a book and read it, AND finish it in less than a year! HAHA! I really enjoy reading, and am loving that I am finding time, well allowing myself time, to read for enjoyment again. I admit, I was OBSESSED with parenting books and “researching” this and that on the internet with Katie I was worried about (i.e. milestone books, charts, etc), so I had NO time TO read for fun! While I still have to fight the tendency to do this at times, I am reading MUCH less parenting crap this time around.  Now, it’s not to say there are some “good” books out there to read, and I have no problem with books to HELP aid in discipline, or hard topis, like potty training, sleeping training, feeding healthy, etc. I am talking about the “lets make the parent worry” type of books 🙂  Our society has become OBSESSED with doing everything the RIGHT way, or a certain way, or we think “we have to do it this way or out kids will turn out hellions” or people will think we are stupid, etc. We are afraid to make mistakes, are afraid our child isn’t measuring up, or not on “track”. . .I am pretty sure this isn’t the way God wanted parenting to be, in fact, I am almost positive it saddens him. I mean really, you hear your parents/grandparents say ALL THE TIME, I didn’t read any of those books you guys do and you turned out just fine. I have to admit for 99.9% of our generation, this is probably true. Anyway, I am really trying not to read so much stuff on “do it this way” or “that way” type mindset. To be honest, I don’t understand those books. God made all of us individuals with distinct personalities and gifts, who are we to think there is a “one size fits all” way to raise our kids? Anyway, I could go on and on about this, but I won’t, because I am pretty sure I would tick a lot of people off 🙂

So! I love fiction. I love love love crime solving type books, mysteries, etc. A Christian author, named Terri Blackstock, writes these types of books and they are AWESOME. I just finished a book named Predator. It was great. I enjoyed it. I love getting lost in another world for a moment 🙂 I also love Karen Kingsbury and am now reading Take 4. I am also working through parenting books (yes yes i know, but not the milestone worry kind of books) that teach about how to best raise loving, grace filled children, something many parents forget about in my opinion. We preach grace towards others, but sometimes, I think we forget to extend that same grace to our own kids. SO, I am trying to read some POSITIVE parent books about disciplining in a loving, grace based way. However, I am trying NOT to read so much stuff UNLESS I am having the issue.

So, anyway, this wasn’t much of a blog, but God is teaching me A LOT about love, grace, and patience towards your children lately. He is teaching me that we can expect TOO much from a tiny baby, totally dependent on us (such as sleeping through the night too young, or making them CIO to “teach” them to put themself to sleep) God is showing me that babies are dependent on us for a reason, just like WE, no matter what age, should be dependent on God. God is teaching me that having children DOES change your life, and trying to make your kids follow a certain pattern, way of thinking,  certain schedule, etc, too young can be harmful. Yes, I believe there is a place for this. . .at the right time, and God is really allowing me to learn WHEN that time is 🙂


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